Wednesday 31st August 2022


Leaving Longnor via a Quiet Lane

Over a Stile and Heading for Farmland

Crossing the Dove Valley

Looking Towards 'Chrome Hill' and 'Parkhouse Hill'

Another Quiet Lane Heading to Glutton Bridge

'Parkhouse Hill'

Someone on the Ridge of 'Parkhouse Hill'

Heading for the Path up the Eastern Ridge of 'Parkhouse Hill'

Climbing 'Parkhouse Hill'

Higher we go

Reaching the Ridge

Approaching the Summit

The Summit of 'Parkhouse Hill'

A Pose on the Summit

Our Next Hill 'Chrome Hill' from the Top of 'Parkhouse Hill'

Looking Back Down the Dove Valley

Scrambling up one of the Limestone Pinnacles

Sitting on Top of the one of Pinnacles

Heading Down

A Pose in front of 'Chrome Hill'

Nearly Back Down

Looking Back at 'Parkhouse Hill'

Ready for the Off Again Elevenses

A Couple Near the Summit 'Parkhouse Hill' 

Someone Climbing up 'Parkhouse Hill'' 

Walking on the Eastern Ridge of 'Chrome Hill'

Higher up the Ridge

Looking Back at 'Parkhouse Hill'

Still Climbing

Keep Going

Approaching the Summit

A Pose on the Summit of 'Chrome Hill'

A Pose with 'Hollins Hill' in the Background


To the Left, No to the Right

Heading Down the Dragon's Back

Walking Over the Rock Bridge

A Pose on the Bridge

Another Pose

All Smiles on the Dragon's Back

Looking Back over the Dragon's Back to Some Walkers on the Summit of 'Chrome Hill' 

Looking Across to 'Hollins Hill'

Heading for 'Hollins Hill'

Looking Back at 'Chrome Hill' 

Climbing Steeply up 'Hollins Hill'

Keep Going

Come on

Admiring the View from the Tumulus on the Summit of 'Hollins Hill'

Close up of 'Chrome Hill' 

Heading South Down the Long Ridge on 'Hollins Hill'

Looking Across to 'Chrome Hill'

Close up of Someone Sat on the Summit of 'Chrome Hill'

'Parkhouse Hill'

'Chrome Hill' from Hollinsclough Rake Road

Someone's Keen on us Not Going That Way

Climbing up a Little Lane (Plan B)

Nearly There

The Trig Point on 'Hollinsclough Moor'

All Smiles on a Convenient Bench Before the Walk Back to Longnor


   Copyright 2022 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.