Wednesday 3rd November 2021


Parked up by the Gated Track above Hopebeck with 'Dodd' in the Background

Leaving the Car

Through the Ferns with 'Dodd' Straight Ahead

'Criffel' in Scotland all lit up

'Ladyside Pike' & 'Hopegill Head' above Hope Gill

Safely Over a Fast Flowing Hope Beck (Gaiters, Poles and Stepping Stone Construction needed to get Across) 

A Herdy with 'Dodd' Behind

Famous Grouse

The Wainwrights 'Low Fell' & 'Fellbarrow' both (Bagged back in April) from the Summit of 'Dodd'

The Vale of Lorton from the Summit of 'Dodd'

Looking Down on the Car

Close up of the Car

My Route Back Down via 'Ladyside Pike' & 'Hopegill Head' above Hope Gill

Into the Sun as we Head for 'Whiteside'

Looking at the Crags on my Descent Route in the 'Dodd' Pass

Looking back at 'Dodd'

The Path on the Ridge from 'Dodd' to 'Whiteside'

Into the Clouds on the Ridge of 'Whiteside'

First Sighting of Crummock Water

The Western Top of the Wainwright 'Whiteside' the last of my N/W Fells

Herdy on 'Whiteside' above Crummock Water

Looking back at the Western Top of 'Whiteside'

Ahead the Eastern Top of 'Whiteside'

Looking back at the Eastern Top of 'Whiteside' from 'Gasgale Crags'

 Liza Beck in Gasgale Gill from the Top of 'Gasgale Crags'

 Ahead Lies 'Hopegill Head'

 The Wainwright 'Grisdale Pike' (Bagged 2019)

 The Ridge Path Leading to 'Hopegill Head' 

Looking back along the (Cloud Free) Ridge to 'Whiteside' and 'Gasgale Crags'

A Couple Leaving the Summit of the Wainwright 'Hopegill Head' '(Bagged 2019) 

'Sand Hill'

Gasgale Gill and Crummock Water from near 'Sand Hill'

The Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Sand Hill' Last Visited 2019

Looking Down on the Northern Crags of 'Hopegill Head' (I'll be Using my Bottom Again for the Third Time Today to Get Down)

A Couple Following my Route Down (Herdy Looking on Thinking This Should be Fun)

The Ridge Path Leads to 'Ladyside Pike'  

Looking Back at the Northern Crags of 'Hopegill Head'

'Dodd' and Hope Gill

Close up of the the Couple Coming Down the Crag on 'Hopegill Head' Bottom Walking Just Like me

Must Move on Can't Watch This Couple All Day

Ahead Lies 'Ladyside Pike'  

Looking back at the Ridge Path to 'Hopegill Head' from the Summit of 'Ladyside Pike' 

The Wainwright 'Grisedale Pike' and 'Hobcarton Crag' from the Summit of 'Ladyside Pike' 

'Hopegill Head' from 'Ladyside Pike' 

'Criffel' Still in Sunshine (Nice Day In Scotland)

Looking back at 'Ladyside Pike' 


'Criffel' and the Summit of 'Swinside'

A Pose on Top of 'Swinside'

'Ladyside Pike' and 'Hopegill Head' from 'Swinside' then the Steep Descent back to the Car


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