Wednesday 19th June 2024


Boots on by the Old Church in Martindale

Looking Back at the Old Church

Heading up Through the Ferns

Heading Along the Ridge

A Pose on Route

High Above Boredale

Heading for the Summit


Boredale, Sandwick Bay and Ullswater

Looking Down on the Old Church in Martindale and Ullswater

Heading for a Cairn (Not the Summit)

A Pose on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Beda Head' on 'Beda Fell' (Last Visited Sept 2020)

Heading Back Down

Through More Ferns

Back to the Old Church

After a Quick Break we Leave the Old Church Again

Upper Martindale and 'Beda Fell' where we've Just Come From

Climbing Through the Ferns Again Above Martindale

Sunshine Lights up the Old Church

Someone on the Summit of 'Steel Knotts'

Upper Martindale and 'The Nab'

Admiring the View

A Selfie on the Summit of 'Brownthwaite Crag'

Ullswater from 'Brownthwaite Crag'

Leaving 'Brownthaite Crag'

Heading for 'Gowk Hill'

A Pose on the Summit of 'Gowk Hill'

'Rest Dodd' and 'The Nab' (Bagged Jan 2017) from the Summit

Heading Back Towards our Next Hill

A Couple on the Summit of 'Steel Knotts'

Leaving 'Brownthaite Crag' Behind

Last Climb of the Day

Looking Back Down to Martindale

The Rock Tor (Pikeawassa) on the Summit of 'Steel Knotts'

A Pose on the Rock

Admiring the View from the Rock

'The Nab'

'Beda Fell' from this Morning

Nearly Back Down


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