MOFFAT May 2012


Saturday 5th May 2012


The Viewing Platform at the bottom of Grey Mare's Tail

On The Way up on a Very Good Path


Looking Down Moffat Dale

The Path is a Bit Like Going up Pendle

Nearing The Top of The Falls

High Above the Car Park

Come on Keep up

One of the Many Waterfalls of Tail Burn

Preparing to Cross Tail Burn

White Coomb Now Dead Ahead, Just Follow the Wall

That Wall Goes a Long Way

Loch Skeen Comes Into View

Your Lagging Behind Again

Ice That Has Been Formed Overnight on The Path

A Bit Steeper Now to Get Round Rough Craigs

The Wall Still Keeping us Company

At Last The Summit

The Summit of White Coomb

Leaving The Summit Behind Towards Firthhope Rig

A Couple Nearing The Summit of White Coomb

Still we Following The Wall Towards Firthybrig Head

Lost Man Fast Approaching

Starting to Head Back Down on Mid Craig

White Coomb From Mid Craig

Lochcraig Head and Loch Skeen From Mid Craig

Dropping Down Towards The Loch

The Zig Zag Path Around The Crags

A Pair of Walkers Following Behind

Crossing The Outflow of Loch Skeen

Your Lagging Behind Again

The Car Park in Moffat Dale

One of The Many Wild Goats

A Walker on The Edge of The Waterfall


   Copyright 2012 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.