Sunday 31st May 2015 (Mungrisdale)


The Fylde Ramblers Group Pose Before Setting off in the Rain

Cutting a Corner

A Short Road Walk North

Old Roadside Marker Stone

The Gorse is Looking Good at this Time of Year

Leaving the Road we Climb up 'Rake Trod'

Higher up we Climb Through a Gully in the Crags

Starting to get Warm now

Stone End Farm and the Road from the Crags

Looking East Down the Valley from the Moors Above the Crags

Elevenses in an Old Sheepfold just Below the Summit

The Very Windy Summit of Carrock Fell

Exit Stage Left off Carrock Fell


Leaving Carrock Fell and Heading West Straight into the Wind

On the Skyline to the North is High Pike

Behind us is Carrock Fell

Into the Wind we Keep Going

The Summit of High Pike is so Windy I can't Keep my Eyes Open

Heading Down High Pike to Catch the Others up in the Valley

Picking up the Cumbria Way

Heading Down Grainsgill Beck Towards Mosedale on the Cumbria Way

Passing the Old Carrock Mine Workings

Caught up With the Rest of the Party then on Down a Minor Road Following the River Caldew

Lunch by the River Caldew at Roundhouse

Crossing the Footbridge at Roundhouse

Leaving the Valley Behind to Climb Bowscale Fell

Straight into the Wind Again Heading for the Ridge

The Wind is Even Stronger as we Crest the Ridge 

Carrock Fell Above Mosedale

Bowscale Tarn 

Nearing the Top Now

Battling the Wind on Bowscale Fell 

Sheltering from the Wind on the Summit of Bowscale Fell

All Puffed up in the Wind

The Top of Bowscale Fell Behind us

The Rest of the Party Head on Down to the Cars at Mungrisdale

Leaving us to Head for the Top of Bannerdale Crags

The Summit of Bannerdale Crags with Blencathra Behind

Heading Back North Towards Bowscale Fell to Join the Path Down

Making our way Down Bannerdale to Mungrisdale Village

The N/E Face of Bannerdale Crags


   Copyright 2015 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.