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Weekend City Break Kathmandu



Namaste, Our Sherpa Team ( All is Good)


  Head Sherpa  Sherpa Assistant Sherpa Assistant Sherpa Assistant  
  KC  BB  Chaptain  Krishna  


Day 1 Sunday16th October 2016 Kande to Pitam Deurali


First View of the Annapurna Mountain Range from the Plane to Pokhara

Leaving the British Built Jetstream 41Turboprop-powered Plane

Marigolds Welcome us to Pokhara

Our Bags Being Unloaded from the Plane

Baggage Transfer Nepalese Style

Loading the bus to Take us all to Kande and the Start of the Walk

Kande the Start of our Adventure

We Leave the Road Behind us and will not see Tarmac again for 12 Days  

This Type of Swing Design Turns out to be Quite Common on our Travels

The Start of Many, Many Steps

Kande and the Road from the Top of the Path

A Quick Break

Our Bags Lined up at our Lunch Stop at Australian Camp

Down Hill Now

A Flat Bit of Path

Giving the Buffalo Wide Berth

Into the Woods we go

We Could be Anywhere in England

Steps up Again

Up Through the Woods

BB Getting a Good Feel of Shirley's Rucsack

A Quick Break Before we Head Downhill to our First Night

The First Overnight Tea House on Trek


Day 2 Monday17th October 2016 Pitam Deurali to Jhinudanda (Chinu)


Graham Admiring the View this Morning from "Nice View Lodge"

The Morning Starts Downhill from our Lodge at Pitam Deurali

In to the Woods

The Path Ahead 

A Taste of Things to Come our First View of Annapurna South (7219m) Above the Clouds

A Porter Crossing a Bridge

Stepping Stones 

School Run Nepalese Style

Passing a Herd of Buffalos in a Village

Eye to Eye Contact with a Young Curious Buffalo

Crossing Another River

Rice Fields Built into the Hillside

A Large Chinese Peacock Butterfly on some Marigolds

A Water Powered Flour Mill

A Nice Paved Part of the Trail

Prayer Flags and Washing

Namaste, Looking After my Little Sister

School Sports Day

Our Group Stick Close Together

"What Holes!" Crossing a Dodgy Suspension Bridge

Resting Above the Modi Khola River which we now Follow all the way to its Source from the Annapurna Glaciers

Approaching a Waterfall


Another Dodgy Suspension Bridge

Click Click on the Bridge Under the Waterfall

Steady Now

Ahead the Hamlet of New Bridge

Passing a Waterfall near New Bridge

Enjoying a Lunch Time Mug of Tea at New Bridge

Close up of Woman Weaving at New Bridge

The Brand New Bridge at New Bridge

Looking Back at New Bridge

Uphill Again

Flying Across the Last Obstacle Before our Tea House Destination at Jhinudanda


Day 3 Tuesday18th October 2016 Jhinudanda (Chinu) to Bamboo


Our Bags all Packed up and Ready for the Porters

The Oldest Porter Nande Swapping Stories with one of the Youngest

On the Move Again

Mule Train High Above Jhinudanda

A Local Dog Finds Les

A Break in the Shade

Making Way for our Bags

Looking Down to our Lunch Stop in the Village of Sinuwa and our Path up the Other side of the Gorge

The Girls Enjoying Morning Tea at Chomrong

Chaptain & Krishna Share a Joke over Morning Tea

Leaving Chomrong for the Bridge

Looking Back up to Upper Chomrong

 Close up of Sinuwa

Exit Stage Right

Passing Rice Fields in Lower Chomrong

Still High Above the Bridge

One of our Porters on the Other Side

Give us a Wave Crossing the Bridge

This New Swing Bridge was Built by Gurkhas in 2001

Heading Down to the Bridge

Waiting for the Bridge to Stop Swinging

Flying Across, no Problem

Giving a Donation to a Local Infant School

Infants from the School

Looking at Pictures in the Camera

Looking back at Upper & Lower Chomrong

Just Visible the Blue Roof of the Lodge at Jhinudanda is where we Stayed Last Night

A Breather Before we Carry on Climbing up the Other side

Off we go Again up More Steps

A Helicopter Landing at Khuldghar

You Don't get Caterpillars like that Back Home

Me and My Shadow

A Lamb with no Ears near Bamboo

Our Lodges at Bamboo 


Day 4 Wednesday19th October 2016 Bamboo to Deurali 


Last Minute Adjustments

Off we go Again

The First of Many Views of the Sacred Never Been Climbed Mountain Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) 6997m

Crossing Another Fast Flowing Beck on a Log Bridge

Flying Across the Bridge

A Helping Hand from Chaptain

Water Water Everywhere

Porters Heading Back Down from Base Camp

Another Log Bridge Crossing

Arriving for 10am Tea at Dovan

A Mask is Needed to Deseed Chilies

Brew Time

The Girls on a Tricky Bridge Crossing

Yet Another Wooden Log Bridge to Cross

Steady on

KC Preparing an Offering at the Forest Temple Dedicated To Hindu Deity Baraha

Leaving the Temple

Arriving for Lunch at Himalaya

All Happy as we Finish Lunch at Himalaya

I Landed a Left then Caught him with a Right

Cabbage Patch at Himalaya

"Remember when Eating an Elephant take one Little Bite at a Time"

Slowly Slowly

The Weather Closes in Around us and it Starts Raining

Deurali Clings onto the side of the Valley Above the Raging Modi Khola River

Chaptain Leads the Way

Climbing Down to a Very Flimsy Looking Mud Bridge

The Mud Bridge Moves and Bits Drop off it as we Cross

It's Now Lesley's Turn Down the Slippery Slope

Climbing Down to and Crossing the Mud Bridge

Now for the Girls to Cross Over

A Helping Hand on Another Wet and Slippery Log Bridge

Easy Does it

Chaptain Models the very Latest in Rainwear

Passing an Unusual Waterfall

A Coffee Shop

Hot Chocolate and Coffee at Deurali as Graham Keeps Notes

Ho No it's Uno Time

Night Night


Day 5 Thursday 20th October 2016 Deurali to Machhapuchhre Base Camp (MBC)


Team Talk from KC (all is good) Before Setting Off from the Lodge at Deurali

Leaving Deurali

Still Following the Modi Khola River Valley

Looking up at the Natural Sandstone Buddha on the Valley Wall

There he is Under the Northern Peak of Machhapuchhre (6997m)

Close up of the Glacier in the High Western Corrie of Machhapuchhre

A Trekker Silhouetted Against the Snow Covered Mountain of Ganggapurna (7454m)

Still Climbing up the Valley

"Here Grab my Hand"

A Group Pose

Higher we go and Still in the Shade of the Valley

A Bird of Pray Riding on Thermals

The Track now Follows the River on the Valley Floor

A Pose in the Sunshine

The Sun Casts a Shadow from a Pointy Peak on the Valley Wall

What are They Waiting for?

Time for a Snack

All Smiles from BB and KC

Looking Back Down the Steep Sided Modi Khola River Valley

KC Shares a Story with us

Porter Nande Comes Down from MBC and Joins Chrissy, Lyn and BB

(Are we There Yet!) Getting Ready for the off as the Weather Closes in Again

Approaching Machhapuchhre Base Camp

The Faces of Fatigue

This Cute Cuddly Ball of Fluff is a Pika or Himalayan Mouse-Hare and is a Relative of the Rabbit

Into the Clouds we go

A Helping Hand with the Lodges in Sight 

The Last Few Steps to our Lodge

R & R at MBC

The After Lunch Acclimatisation Walk from MBC

Straight up Above MBC

The Modi Khola River Flowing Down from the Glacier

Looking Back at Machhapuchhre Base Camp

High Above MBC

Taking Care on the Ridge

Heading Back Down for Tea

4pm Tea at MBC

The 2016 Woman's Uno Team Sponsored by Mountain Kingdoms (Duvet Jackets)


Day 6 Friday 21st  October 2016 (MBC) to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)


Enjoying the "Morning Wake up Tea" and then the "Morning Washing Water"

Sun Rise on Annapurna South (7219m) from Machhapuchhre Base Camp

Annapurna South Reflected in the Lodge Window with Machhapichchre (Fishtail) Behind

The Unclimbed Sacred Mountain of Machhapichchre (Fishtail) (6997m) Above the Lodge at MBC

MK Big Red Bag Packed up and Ready for Pickup

That One There is?

Leaving MBC Overlooked by Machhapichchre (Fishtail)

Lesley Silhouetted In Front of Annapurna South

Les and Lesley Silhouetted in Front of Annapurna South

An Alien Spaceship Arrives from Behind Machhapichchre as a Yeti is Spotted Moving in the Valley

ZAP! So That's Where all the Yetis Went to (an Alien Tractor Beam Teleported them all to Another World) 

Heading up the Valley Towards Annapurna Base Camp

A Pose in Front of Annapurna South

Off we go Again

Les and Lesley Setting the Pace

The Northern Cliffs of Patal Hiunchuli (6441m)

Looking into the Western Corrie of the Mountain Gandharwa Chuli (6248m) Climbed for the First Time Ever on 6th May 2013

A Pose with Krishna 

"I Look Around and Cannot Believe I'm Here Taking in These Views"

Krishna Sunning Himself as he Waits for us to all Catch up

Slowly Slowly we go into the Ever Thinning Air

The Moon Above Annapurna South

As Normal for Late Morning the Clouds are Starting to Build up Again

I get by with a Little Help from my Friends 

Les Standing Below Annapurna1 (8091m) the Worlds 10th Highest Peak

Having a Break in the Sunshine with Krishna

Nande Poses near Base Camp

Taking in the Views

Annapurna Base Camp Below Annapurna South

Made it at Last

Joy and Shirley Pose by the Annapurna Base Camp Sign

Les and Lesley Pose by the Annapurna Base Camp Sign

"I Don't Believe this Guy Overtakes us Before we Reached the Lodge"

Enjoying a Cup of Tea in the Sunshine at ABC

Heading for the Prayer Flags with Annapurna1 in the Background

Prayer Flags Flying from the Bell Memorial

Looking Towards Annapurna1 and its Glacial Valley

The Glacial Valley Heading East Below the Prayer Flags at ABC

Looking East Towards Gandharwa Chuli & Machhapichchre from the Prayer Flags 

Looking West Towards Annapurna South from the Prayer Flags 

The After Lunch Acclimatisation Walk from ABC

Heading for the Edge of the Valley Wall

The Flat Area is a Dried up Small Lake

Walking on the Edge of the Very Crumbly Valley Wall

A Himalayan Dog Hunting for Pikas 

Chaptain, Jan & Mike at the Memorial to 3 Korean Climbers who lost there lives on Annapurna 1 in Oct 2011

Machhapichchre Above the Clouds from ABC

Sunset on the Unclimbed Sacred Mountain of Machhapichchre (Fishtail) (6997m)


Day 7 Saturday 22nd October 2016 ABC to Dobhan (Dovan)


Watching the Sunrise by the Prayer Flags at ABC

Sunrise on Annapurna South


Light Show Over and it's Time for Breakfast

Reflecting on the Past

Leaving Base Camp

Will they see us Again?

Another Pose as we Leave ABC

Liz & Chrissy Leaving ABC Behind

Les & Lesley Heading Back Down the Valley

Final Pose In Front of Annapurna South

Click Click Chrissy

Nearly Back Down to MBC

"Watch Out Yetis! Them Aliens are Coming Again from Behind Machhapichchre"

Come on Keep up

Leaving MBC

Joy Heading Down

Helicopter Heading for Base Camp

Crossing a Plank Bridge

Starting our Decent into the Valley

The Modi Khola Valley Again

Into the Sunshine as we Head Back Down the Valley

A Quick Drink by the Side of the Modi Khola River

Chaptain Waiting for us all to Catch up

I'm Coming

Close up of Machhapichchre (Fishtail) from the Valley

A Large Cairn with Prayer Flags Looking Back up to Machhapichchre

Huge Boulders that Have Fallen into in the River

Balancing Stones by the Side of the River

Joy Crossing via Stepping Stones this Time

Queuing up to Cross the Mud Bridge

Steady On

Just Visible Looking Back up the Valley are the Blue Roofs of Deurail

Passing the Big Rock Cave which Gave us Shelter when it was Raining on our up 3 Days ago

Making Good Time Going Downhill

"Is Lesley Flying her own Prayer Flags?"

Back Down to Himalaya for Lunch

Leaving Himalaya and Crossing Another Bridge

A Helping Hand from Chaptain

A Pair of Himalayan Grey Langur Monkeys in the Forest

A Dodgy River Crossing

Nande and BB Deep Thought at the end of the day in Dovan


Day 8 Sunday 23rd October 2016 Dobhan (Dovan) to Chomrong


Machhapichchre from Dovan

The Youngest Porter Getting some Advice from Krishna and KC

Now Sorted he's off

What's that on Shirley's Back?

Pemba the Uno Champion Porter Crossing a Log Bridge

BB Offers a Helping Hand

Crossing Yet Another Bridge

Always Give way to Porters Crossing a Bridge

Back to the Village of Bamboo

From Here we see the Full Size of Machhapichchre and it Looks a lot like a Fishtail

A Small Bronze Lizard Warming up in the Sunshine

Looking Back at the Village of Bamboo Hidden in the Forest

BB Leading the Way

Morning Tea at Sinuwa

Dead Ahead is our Destination of Chomrong, But in the Way is a Big Drop to the River and Back up Again

Close up of Chomrong

A Buffalo on the Path Again

Our Scouting Party Leaving Lower Sinuwa After Lunch

Lyn Signing the Donation Book at the Little Infant School we Passed on our Way up

A Pose with the Children

What's Your Name Then?

"Look I can Clean my Teeth"

This Little Girl Watches us Leave

Heading Down to the Bridge

Close up of the Bridge

The Crossing

The Start of the Steps up the Other Side

Air Drying Sweetcorn and Millet 

Close up of Sinuwa now on the Other Side of the Valley 

Hot Head

This Part of the Trail is Quite Busy

Cooling Off on the Steps in Between Lower and Upper Chomrong

Buffalo Strikes a Pose

Moving Hay Nepalese Style

A Pose Outside our Lodge at Chomrong

Waiting for Coffee Below our Lodge in Chomrong


Day 9 Monday 24th October 2016 Chomrong to Tadapani


What a Lovely Morning

Preparing to Set Off After Breakfast

Close up of Annapurna South and the Connecting Ridge to Hiunchili form Chomrong

Looking Back Down as we Leave Chomrong

A Pack Horse Wandering Down Through the Village

We Leave Chomrong and Head West

A Dodgy Bedroom over our Path

A Group Pose in the Sunshine

We Now Follow the Kimrong Khola River Valley

Joy, Chrissy & Les Silhouetted Climbing Down some Steps

Back to Farming Land

Mule Train Heading Down

Feeding Time

She's Off

Krishna and Liz Strolling in the Sunshine

Click Click

A Fully Loaded Mule Train Heading Straight for us

Giving Way as they Pass

Reaching a View/Rest Point

She's Off  Again

Our Way is Blocked by these Young Bulls Going Head to Head 

Up Through the Woods

Krishna Waits for us near a Tea House

"Come on Give us a Smile"


A Bloke Shaving a Bamboo Pole

Big Smiles from KC and Krishna

Passing a Colourful Lodge

Marigolds are the Flower that will Remind us of our Time in Nepal

Close up of a Marigold Flower

Down Again

Farmer Ploughing his Field

Passing a Wood Stack in a Village

Matching Washing and Marigolds

This Woman Appears to be De-husking Nuts

A Swing Bridge Down the Valley

The Swing Bridge we Have to Cross

Flying Across the Bridge

"Don't Forget to Pass on the Left"

The Wooden Wheel at Ghurjung Primary School

One Man Powers the Wheel

Crossing the Bridge One at a Time

The Old Bridge

Looking Back at the School Above the Kimrong Khola River

Starting to Climb up into the Woods

Higher and Deeper we go

Keep Going

A Bit of Colour with this Pink Orchid Growing Around a Tree

Mind them Tree Roots

Group Pose near the Village of Tadapani


Day 10 Tuesday 25th October 2016 Tadapani to Ghorepani (Poon Hill)


Machhapichchre at Dawn from our Lodge at Tadapani

Annapurna South and Machhapichchre



Our Bags all Packed up and Ready to go

Hair Product in Hand to Sort out Bed Hair Before Setting off

"Do you think Chaptain is Trying to Tell us Something with the Size of his First Aid Kit?" 

Setting off

Into the Forest we go

The Male Himalayan Grey Langur Monkey Before his Fight with a Rival Male

The Bridges Down Here are a Lot More Substantial

Into the Sunshine

Keep Going

A Nepalese Woman and her Goats

A Pair of Goats with Annapurna South as a Background

Sharing a Resting Place with the Goats

Time to go

Walking Through a Rhododendron Forest

Our Bags Arrive at Banthanti for our Mid-morning Tea Break

Passing Another Colourful Washing Line

A Little Girl Playing Hide & Seek with her Mum

Now There's a Face of Determination

"Yes She has Just Overtaken me as Well"

Liz the Thinker

I Wish People would not Litter the Landscape and Just Blindly Follow Others 

Now That's More Like it, at Least it is Subtle

After Crossing the Bridge we Start Climbing up to the Deurali Pass

Higher up we Climb to get onto the Ridge

This Part of the Ridge is Covered with Ancient Trees

Keep Going

Leaving the Trees Behind for a More a Open Landscape

Is Joy Flying her own Prayer Flags?

The end of the Ridge is in Sight

A Close up of the Other end of the Ridge

A Pale Blue Himalayan Gentian in the Sunshine

A Pose on the End of the Ridge

Chaptain Waiting for us all to Catch up

What are they all Looking at?

A Hovering Kestrel Keeps it's Eyes Open for it's Dinner

Into the Forest Again

A Goji Berry Bush

Poon Hill on the Path Down to Ghorepani

Close up of the Observation Tower on Poon Hill

Ghorepani the Biggest and Busiest Place on Trek so far Because of all the Day-trippers Going up Poon Hill

Beer and Chocolate Cake in Ghorepani


Day 11 Wednesday 26th October 2016 Ghorepani (Poon Hill) to Tikhedhungga


After Climbing in the Dark we Reach the top of Poon Hill 

We are not Alone Waiting for Sunrise under the Observation Tower on Poon Hill

Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) Just Before Sunrise

Looking East Towards the Foothills


"Morning Tea"

Close up of Annapurna South (7647m) and the Connecting Ridge to Hiunchili (6434m)

On the Right Annapurna1 (8091m) the Worlds 10th Highest Peak and Annapurna South

The Sun Just Touches the Summit of Dhaulagri (8172m) the Worlds 7th Highest Peak

Dhaulagri (The White Mountain)

A Seat with a View

A Close up of Southern Cliffs of Dhaulagri (The White Mountain)

A Close up of South Eastern Ridge of Annapurna South

Time for Breakfast

Dhaulagri from Ghorepani

Joy Leading the Pack Through Ghorepani After Breakfast

Leaving Ghorepani

"Come Here"

The Girls & KC on the Long Decent Down to the Valley Floor

Crossing Another Bridge

KC Showing Graham where we are

The Lodge at Nangethanti for a Tea Break

Young Boy Thinking About his Next Chore  

Les with a Smile for the Camera

The Souvenir Stall at the Hungry Eye Lodge

Time for a Bit of Retail Therapy 

KC and BB Chilling Out

This Young Nepalese Girl Washing our Tea Cups as we Leave

Heading Down to a Bridge

Still Going Down & Down Steps

"This is a Nice Spot"

Children's Clothes Drying in the Sun

Namaste, Welcome to my Lodge

Pre-lunch Warm Lemonade at Banthanti

A Sample Menu

A Sample of Some of the Dishes Served up on our Trek

Post Lunch Power Nap

A Young Lad Doing his Laundry

KC Giving his Team Talk Before Setting Off Again

Leaving Banthanti

These Kids Don't Mind a bit of Attention while Dozing in the Sunshine

Playful Kids

Looking Down at Ulleri the Next Village

A Closer Look at Ulleri from Above

"Is the Washing Dry"

A Pack Horse on it's way Down Finds Les

Typical Home with Garden 

A Close up of the Flower of the Wandering Jew Plant

Looking Across at the Rice Fields Around the Village Mauju on the Other side of the Valley

BB & Les Walking Past a Young Woman Separating Corn Kernels from there Husks

This Old Woman is Collecting Millet

A Banana Tree and Marigold Bush

Feeding Time

Giving Way to a Mule Train Coming up

KC Making Sure Everyone Keeps to the side as the Mule Train Approaches 

The Endless Steps Down

Lesley and BB Crossing a Bridge

It Must be Wash Day

The Last Swing Bridge we Cross on Trail

Les Making way for a Toilet Paper Carrying Pack Horse

A Typical Colourful Lodge 

Haymaking in a Paddy Field 

Building a Haystack 

A Close up of a Head of Rice in a Field not yet Harvested

Corn Drying at our Lodge in Tikhedhugga


Day 12 Thursday 27th October 2016 Tikhedhungga to Nayapul then on to Pokhara


Lyn Carries one of the Porters Packs

Chrissy also has a go

They Decide to Leave it to the Experts

We Follow the Start a Wide Track down the Bhurunghi Khola River Valley

Our First Encounter with a Vehicle for 12 Days

Bananas Growing on a Tree

Shirley and Krishna Deep in Conversation

A Multistory Woodpecker Home

A Pose in front of some Thick Bamboo Trees

A Huge Golden Silk Orb-weaver Spider (Banana Spider)

Heading Down the Dusty Track

Krishna and KC

Threshing Rice and Haymaking

A Farmer Carrying his Plough to his Mates Field

Haystack in a Rice Field

The Bhurunghi Khola River Valley and the Ridge we were on the day Before Yesterday on the Right

A Field of Rice Waiting to be Harvested

Crossing a River Via the Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones are for Tourists

Chrissy Admiring the View

Children from the Local School Collecting Donations in Exchange for a Bindi

Lyn Receives her Bindi


A Pose at Mid-morning Tea Time near the End of our Trek

Posing with Nepalese Scarves which are given to Visitors as a mark of Respect

Another Colourful Washing Line

Walking into the Outskirts of Village of Birethanti

Krishna Next to a Temple to Hindu Goddess Kali

Walking Through Birethanti

Looking Back up at Machhapuchhre (Fishtail)

A Blue Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly Enjoying the Sun

Look a Liverpool Supporter

Over the Bridge then a Climb up to the Road to Meet up with our Bus for the Drive Back to Pokhara

Liz and Chrissy Crossing over the Modi Khola River the Same River we Followed all the way to ABC

Lyn, Graham, KC and Krishna Start to Cross the Last Bridge of the Trek

Our Nepalese Team Leave us at the Hotel Barahi Pokhara

Right Lets get Rid of these Beards


Keep Still

A Close Shave Around the Neck (Don't Cough) 

Also a Back and Neck Massage

The Phewa Tal Lake in Pokhara

We Could be in the Lake District

Only in Nepal will a Cow Graze in a Tourist Resort

Paragliders Above Pokhara

Shopping in Pokhara

Chrissy and Liz Poolside Hotel Barahi

Enjoying a Drink at the Side of the Pool


City Break Kathmandu 29th/30th October 2016


Our Plane Awaits us for our Flight Back to Kathmandu

Kathmandu from Above

Only 3 of our 11 Bags Made our Flight the Rest were Teleported Earlier and are Already here (WOW!)

Line Painting in Kathmandu

A Typical Shop in Kathmandu

A Seamstress Hard at Work

The Typical Chaos of Wiring in Kathmandu  

A Piping Bag with the Flow Controlled by his Finger the Artist Created this Using Coloured Rice Powder on the Hotel Lobby Floor 

The Stupa on the Buddhist Temple at the Unesco World Heritage Site of Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple)

Throwing a Coin at the Golden Statue in the World Peace Pond Swayambhunath

Our Guide Explaining About the Site with some Earthquake Damage in the Background

These (Rhesus Macaques) are Just a Few of the Holy Monkeys that live on the Site

Baby Monkey in an Earthquake Damage Wall

Rolling the First of Four Sets of Prayer Wheels at the Base of the Stupa  

Our Guide Takes us Around the Site

It's Fun Rolling Prayer Wheels

The Eastern Stairway and the 365 Steps down to the City Below

Rolling the Third Set of Prayer Wheels

Click Click Towards the All Seeing Eye

Some Monkeys Hanging Around a Shrine

Hand Carving Souvenirs for the Tourists

Les Making Friends with the Local Dogs as Shirley Takes Some Pictures In-front of the Golden Buddha Statue


Close up of  the Lord Buddha's all Seeing Eyes at the top of the Stupa

A Male Monkey Eating Biscuits that one of the Visitors Gave Him

The Bell that Wards off Evil Spirits when Rung

Kathmandu Way Below

Rolling the Fourth and Last Set of Prayer Wheels Around the Stupa

A Group Pose Before we Leave the Temple

Off we go to Explore Rest of Kathmandu

A Trader Selling Brightly Coloured Powder for Deepawali (Festival of Lights)

Another Trader Selling Powder for the Festival that Honors Crows, Dogs, Cows and Bullocks on Different Days 

A Woman Selling Purple and Orange Garlands also for the Festival

Another Woman Selling Garlands which are Made of Purple Makhmali Flowers and Orange Marigold Flowers

Garlands and Fruit for Sale

The Brightly Coloured Rice Powder is used to Make Pictures on the Floor like the the one in our Hotel Lobby

A Fruit Seller in Durbar Square

Earthquake Damage in Durbar Square

The Top Three Storey's are Missing from the Basantapur Durbar Palace after the Earthquake

What it Looked Like Before the Earthquake

Les is Reflected in the Spoon at the Himalayan Java Coffee Shop Durbar Square Kathmandu 

Durbar Square from the Coffee Shop

After all that Coffee it's Wait in line for a Western Toilet at the Hanuman Dhoka Palace

Being Watched Walking Around the some old Wooden Carvings Waiting to be Restored

Close up of the Wooden Carvings

One of the Delicately Caved Wooden Windows

Click Click in front of part of the Palace

The Hanuman Dhoka Palace

Some Parts of the Palace now Need Propping up After the Earthquake

More Earthquake Damage in Durbar Square

Rickshaws Lined up Waiting for a Fare

This Rickshaws Driver doesn't seem to keen on picking up a Fare

More Garlands for Sale

Making our way Through the Streets of Kathmandu

More Nepalese Wiring in the Thamel Area of Kathmandu  

Now There's a Interesting Talking Point

Street Artists Using Coloured Powder and Flowers on the road in Centre of Thamel

The Entrance to the Garden of Dreams

The Beginnings of a Coloured Rice Powder Drawing

Chit Chat in the Garden

In Front of the Basanta Pavilion in the Garden of Dreams

Looking over the Pond

A Bird of Paradise in the Sunshine

A Work in Progress

A Pair of Palm Squirrels Have Seen Les

Feeding Time

The White Elephants Outside the Basanta Pavilion

A Butterfly on Yellow Chrysanthemum

This Traditional Bamboo (dashain) Swing is so you can Spend time Above the Earth (off the ground) during Festivals.

A Bowl of Floating Yellow Chrysanthemums from Inside the Gallery Looking Towards the Garden

A Woman Making Garlands from Marigolds

Day Dreaming in the Garden of Dreams

Nearly Finished

Leaving the Garden of Dreams

The Shangri-la Hotel all Dressed up for the Festival of Deepawali

"Namaste to Nepal"


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