Sunday 1st August 2021


Ready for the off from Cinder Bridge Car Park, Nether Wasdale

Heading for the Hills

Ahead Lies 'Illgill Head' and 'Whin Rigg'

Across the Valley 'Buckbarrow' (Bagged Last Month)

Our Hills from Easthwaite Farm

Our Route up Through the Ferns at the Side of Greathall Gill

Clearly Seen is this Afternoons Path Back Alongside the Lake

Up Through the Ferns

Looking out Over Wast Water from the Ferns

Getting a Sweat on as we Climb

Out of the Ferns and Heading for the Top

A Pose on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Whin Rigg'

Looking Down onto Wasdale Hall Youth Hostel

Wast Water from the Edge of the Crags

Close up of the Youth Hostel

Looking Back at 'Whin Rigg'

Looking West Towards the Sea

Looking along the Crags over to 'Illgill Head' our next Hill

Looking Over the Edge

A Pose on the Edge High Above Wast Water

A Pose on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Illgill Head'

Looking across Wast Water to 'Yewbarrow'

The Wasdale Head Valley and 'Kirk Fell' (Bagged 2019) and 'Great Gable' (Bagged 2017)

'Lingmell' (Bagged 2019) and Scafell (First Bagged 1997)

'Illgill Head' and a Nice Gently Stroll Back via the Lakeside Path

Yewbarrow' again this time from the Lakeside

Into the Ferns Again

A Path Through the First bit of Scree

'Buckbarrow' again this time from the Lakeside

'Red Pike, and 'Yewbarrow' both yet to be Bagged

The Path Starts to Deteriorate as Scree Turns into Small Boulders

Come on Keep Going

The Boulders are getting Bigger 

Looking Back from a Break from the  Boulders 

Looking Back at 'Yewbarrow, 'Kirk Fell' and 'Great Gable' 

Boulder Hopping is the Only Way Forward Now

A Pose Looking Down to the Lake

A Pose Looking up to the Crags from the Lake

Suddenly the Boulders End

Looking Back up Wast Water


   Copyright 2021 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.