Saturday 4th August 2018


Traveling Day Looking Down Glen Roy

Following the Allt a' Bhreac Achaidh River

Looking Back at the Car Parked by the Bridge

Heading up Through the Heather

Looking East up Glen Roy

The Parallel Lines along the Hillside are Shore-lines of Natural Lochs Created by Dams of Ice as Big Glaciers Periodically Blocked the Foot of the Glen During the Ice Ages

Looking Down Coire nan Eun

"Where's he Gone Now?"

Walking Around the Edge of the Coire with the Summit in Sight

Reaching the Summit of the Corbett Beinn Iaruinn  

All Smiles on the Summit of the Corbett Beinn Iaruinn 

Leaving Beinn Iaruinn with the Graham Leana Mhor (west) Dead Ahead

Leaving me and Heading Back Down to the Car

Beinn Iaruinn from the Summit of the Graham Leana Mhor (west)

Sunday 5th August 2018

Boots on at the End of the Road at Melgrave in the Upper Spey Valley

No Doubt About the End of the Road

Crossing one of General Wade's Military Road Bridge 

Climbing out of the Glen

Reaching the Top of the Corbett Gairbinn

All Smiles on the Summit of the Corbett Gairbinn

Back on the Old Military Road

The Military Road Bridge and Melgrave Bothy

Monday 6th August 2018

5.30am Start and 20 Miles to go in Glen Feshie Car Park

The Road to Achlean

Snow Shifting Equipment at Achlean

The Bridge over the River

The Other Bridge Further up River was Washed Away

A Pair of White Stalkers Ponies

After 5 Miles of Flat Walking in Glen Feshie the Side Valley of Slochd Mor Comes into View

Starting to Climb the Track

Looking Back Down to Glen Feshie

Lochan an t-Sluic near the Top of the Valley

The Path Contours Around a side Valley

Heading up Meall an Uillt Chreagaich

After 8 Miles the Summit of Meall an Uillt Chreagaich is Reached Where the Track Ends

The Corbett Leathad an Taobhian Comes into View

An Old Ruins of a Bothy in the Col

After 9 Miles my Rucksack Shelters from the Rain on the Summit of the Corbett Leathad an Taobhian

Heading Back Down to the Corbett Carn Dearg Mor at the End of the Track Dead Ahead

After a Short Climb the Summit of the Corbett Carn Dearg Mor

Looking back down Slochd Mor to Lochan an t-Sluic

Glen Feshie

A Dead Tree in the River Feshie

Tuesday 7th August 2018

Back in the Spey Valley this Time at General Wade's Grava Bridge

General Wade's Grava Bridge 

Looking Back Down Towards the Car Park

Keep Going

"Come on Stop Messing About"

Following a Fence up Leathad Gaothach

By-passing the Peat Hags

The Trig Point & Radio Booster on the Summit of the Corbett Meall na h-Aisre

A Work in Progress on a Giant Hidden Wind Farm in a Depression at Around 800m

All Smiles on the Summit

To the East the Munro Geal Carn (Bagged 2007)

Time to Reflect on Leathad Gaothach

Under the Fence Again Because we Missed the Gate (Twice)

Following the ATV Track Back Down

Looking Back up to the Corbett Meall na h-Aisre and Leathad Gaothach

Walking on Water (or Not)


Once More Over the Gate we Could have Walked Round

Nearly Back to Grava Bridge


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