PATTERDALE February 2019


Wednesday 13th February 2019


Parked up Opposite under the Patterdale Hotel with my 1st Hill Arnison Crag Behind

My 2nd Hill Birks from the Gate into Glanamare Park

Looking Back down to Ullswater

Ullswater from Below Oxford Crag

Ullswater from above Oxford Crag

Ullswater from Below Arnison Crag

Ullswater from the Very Very Windy Summit of the Wainwright Arnison Crag

The Wainwright Birks from the Summit of the Wainwright Arnison Crag

Looking Back up to Arnison Crag

Looking S/E Towards Hartsop

Ullswater and Place Fell behind Arnison Crag

Birks from near Trough Head

The Wainwright St Sunday Crag Hidden in Clouds

Ullswater and Great Mell Fell from Trough Head

Leaving Trough Head and Heading up Birks

Looking Back at Arnison Crag and Place Fell from Ascent of Birks

Close up of Arnison Crag and Place Fell

The Pile of Stones on the Summit of the Wainwright Birks with St Sunday Crag Still Hidden in Clouds

Looking Back up to Birks

Now for St Sunday Crag

The Pile of Stones at the Top of the N/E Ridge

Walking on the Ridge is now Severely Impeded by Very Strong Gusts of Wind and Great Care is Needed

Severe Buffeting from the Wind as I near the Summit

The Summit of the Wainwright St Sunday Crag

The Path Heading Back Down of the N/E Ridge 

The Wind Pushing me Down the Path Below the N/W Face of Birks

A Sunbeam Catches the Ferry Boats on Ullswater 

Looking Back up at Thornhow End on N/E Crags of Birks

Looking South Towards Arnison Crag  

Thornhow End on Birks

Arnison Crag from the Main Road in Patterdale

Birks from the Main Road in Patterdale


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