Monday 25th August 2014 (Travelling Day)


Booting up with our Hill the Sow of Atholl (Meall an Dobharchain) in the Background

Walking Over the Level Crossing

Heading Down the Track to Loch Garry

"This Track isn't on the Map" 

"I Wonder how far it Goes"

No Track, No Path Just Knee Deep in Heather with Meall na Leiteach in the Background Above Loch Garry

Nearing the Top in Long Grass Now

Someone is Happy

Click Click in the Wind The Windy Summit of the Sow of Atholl

Trying to Fly in the Wind Looking North up the Pass of Drumochter

 Looking South Down the Pass of Drumochter

Leaving the Summit with one of the Drumochter Munros, Sgairneach Mhor to the West

Starting to Drop Down out of the Wind

Dalnaspidal Lodge Where the Car is Parked

Meall na Leiteach Above Loch Garry Which is Wednesday Walk


Reaching the Track Again

Sow of Atholl (Meall an Dobharchain) and Boar of Badenoch (An Torc)

Nearly Back Now

Where Did we Park the Car?

Meall na Leiteach and Glen Garry

Wednesday 27th August 2014

Crossing the Dam from Loch Garry

Leaving the Dam Behind with the Sow of Atholl in the Background

Higher up we go

Wow! Not a Bad View

Dalnaspidal Lodge

The Pass of Drumochter Looking North

The Light Keeps Changing all the Time

Last Push to the Summit

Got There!

The Summit of Meall na Leiteach

The Path Back Along the Top

Lets Have a Look at the Loch

Loch Garry

The Weather Improves Again as we Head Down

Nearly Back Down

Crossing the Dam For the Last Time


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