Sunday 13th August  2023


The Corbetts 'Beinn an Eoin' and 'Baosbheinn' from Big Sand Camp Site near Gairloch

Parked up at the Green Shed by 'Loch Bad an Sgalaig'

Crossing the Footbridge

'Am Feur Loch' and 'Meall Lochan a' Chleirich' from the Footbridge

Looking Back at the Car Park

4 Miles of Track Ahead of us

The Track Goes Alongside a Gorge with the Northern Crags of the Corbett 'Beinn an Eoin' Ahead

Keep Going

Stepping Stones

Leaving the Stepping Stones

On the Track with the Corbett 'Baosbheinn' in the Background

Heading for 'Baosbheinn' to Look at the River

Decided to Leave the River Crossing for Tomorrow

And Head up the Northern Crags on 'Beinn an Eoin' Instead

On the Ridge Now with 'Loch Maree' and the Corbett 'Beinn Airigh Charr' (Bagged 2015) in the Distance

Chatting About the Route Ahead

The Summit Comes into View

Looking at the Last Climb to the Summit

Climbing the Ridge

A Pose near the Summit

The Summit Shelter on the Corbett 'Beinn an Eoin'

A Pose on Top of 'Beinn an Eoin'

Looking Across 'Loch na h-Oidhche' to 'Baosbheinn' from the Top of 'Beinn an Eoin'

Another Pose

The Sun Now Comes Out

Leaving the Summit

A Pose on the Ridge

Another Pose on the Ridge

Heading Down

Looking Back at the Final Ridge to the Summit now in Sunshine

The Corbett 'Beinn Dearg' (Bagged 2004) and the Munro 'Beinn Alligin' (Bagged 2005)

Click Click

Back to the Top of the Northern Crags

The Stepping Stones Again over 'Abhainn Loch na h-Oidhche'

Steady Now

All that's Left is the Long 4 Miles Back to the Car


Monday 14th August  2023


Parked up at the Green Shed Again and Crossing the Footbridge Again

Walking up the Long 4 Miles of Track Again

Crossing the Stepping Stones Again and Heading for the River Crossing

Crossing the Outflow of 'Loch na h-Oidhche' (Follow me)


Steady Now

Easy Does it

With the River Behind us we Head for 'Baosbheinn'

The Summit Dead Ahead

On the Edge

Looking Over the Loch to Yesterdays Hill 'Beinn an Eoin'

Higher we go

Keep Going

Are we There Yet

Nearly There

All Smiles on Reaching the Top

The Pile of Stones on the Summit of the Corbett 'Baosbheinn'

Admiring the View from the Summit

Heading Back Down the Way we Came

The Midges Come Out to Greet us as we Reach the Valley Floor

Guess Who Forgot there Midge Net

Heading for the River Crossing Again

Across the River Safely and Back on the Track

A Drink by the Stepping Stones before the 4 Mile Walk Out

'Am Feur Loch' and 'Meall na Meine' from the Footbridge this Time in Evening Sunshine


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