Friday 7th July  2023


Boots on by 'Rawthey Bridge'

Heading South to 'Bluecaster'

That's Where we Were Last Year

Nearly There

The Summit of 'Bluecaster'

A Pose on the Summit of 'Bluecaster'

"Over There"

Looking West from the Summit to 'Cautley Crag'

To the East is 'Wild Boar Fell' and 'Swarth Fell' (Both Bagged in August 2022)

Looking North are this Afternoons Hills 'Wandale Hill' and 'Harter Fell'

In the Foreground is the Southern Ridge of 'Wandale Hill' with 'Yarlside' and 'Kensgriff' in the Background

The 'Wandale Beck' Valley

'Harter Fell' and the 'Rawthey Bridge' Valley

Passing the Car Park on our way Back to 'Rawthey Bridge'

After a Quick Break we Start the Next Leg of Our Walk

Passing the Car Again this Time on the Other Side of the River

Into the Woods at 'Murthwaite Park' and on to our Otter Encounter

Mind Your Head

Signpost in 'Narthwaite'

Leaving the Farming Hamlet of 'Narthwaite'

Heading up the Southern Ridge of 'Wandale Hill'

Admiring the Veiw

Getting Steeper

Getting Higher

Close up of the Car Park and 'Rawthey Bridge'

Keep Going

Climbing a Rusty Old Gate

Looking Back Down the 'River Rawthey' Valley

'Yarlside' and 'Kensgriff' (Both Bagged June 2022)

Nearly There

The Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Wandale Hill'

"I've Got a Signal'

One of Us is Posing on the Summit of 'Wandale Hill'

Looking Ahead to 'Harter Fell' as we Descend

Heading into 'Adamthwaite'

Looking Back at the Farming Hamlet of 'Adamthwaite' and 'Wandale Hill'

Taking a Break and Admiring the View

Setting off Again

Nearly There

Admiring the View from the Summit of 'Harter Fell'

A Pose on the Summit of 'Harter Fell'

Leaving the Summit

Looking Down to the Farming Hamlet of 'Murthwaite'

Passing 'Wandale Hill'

Leaving 'Harter Fell'

Looking Back at 'Harter Fell'

Dead Ahead is 'Bluecaster' from this Morning

Heading for the Road


   Copyright 2023 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.