Wednesday 30th September 2015


The Steps on the Hillside are Believed to be the Shorelines of Ancient Lochs and are known as (Parallel Roads)

Trophies on a Wall in an Outbuilding at Brae Roy Lodge

Turret Bridge

The River Turret Flowing down to the Bridge

A Chimney Breast is all that Remains of this Farmhouse

Looking Back Down Glen Turret

Another Chimney Breast Further up the Glen

The Head of Gleann Eachach

Carn Dearg 2 from near the Summit of Carn Dearg 1

The Summit of Carn Dearg 1 (North Gleann Eachach)

Low Flying Coastguard Rescue Helicopter

Stag Gathering up Hinds for his Harem

This way Girls

Three Hinds on the Hillside

With all the Deer now Gone it's Just me and my Shadow

Carn Dearg 1 from the Northern Slopes of Carn Dearg 2

The Summit of Carn Dearg 2 (South Gleann Eachach)

Glen Roy from the Summit of Carn Dearg 2

Looking up Glen Roy

Shooting Practice

Car Parked Under Carn Dearg 3 Tomorrows Hill            

Thursday 1st October 2015

Carn Dearg 3 Overlooking the Bridge at the now Closed Brunachan Bothy

Carn Dearg 2 Above Brae Roy Lodge and Car Park

Carn Dearg 1 and Carn Dearg 2 from the Northern Ridge of Carn Dearg 3

A Stag on the Skyline

Looking East to the Creag Meagaidh Group of Munros

Carn Dearg 1 and Carn Dearg 2 from near the Summit

The Summit of Carn Dearg 3 (East of Glen Roy) and now off to the Graham Leana Mhor (East)

Looking North Back Down Glen Roy

Close up of the Car Park

Looking West Across the Glen to the Corbett Beinn Iaruinn

Close up of the Bridge and Bothy

Back to the Bridge


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