SADGILL October 2019


Wednesday 9th October  2019


Parked up near the Bridge in Sadgill

Sadgill from the Steep Craggy Wet Ferns

Someone else who Missed the Path and Had to Climb a Wall

At Last the Open Hillside and out of the Crags & Ferns and into the Rain

Grey Crag Dead Ahead

The Wet Summit of the Wainwright Grey Crag

The Tall Pile of Stones on the Summit of Harrop Pike not a Wainwright

More Death near the Summit (A Drowning)

Looking Back at Harrop Pike

The Survey Post on the Summit of the Very Wet & Windy Wainwright Tarn Crag

Looking N/W to the Top of the Gatescarth Pass Track

The Rain Stops at the Crossroads at Brownhowe Bottom

Looking Down Longsleddale from the Gatescarth Pass Track

Buckbarrow Crag from the Track

Looking Back at Buckbarrow Crag from the Track

Galeforth Gill Waterfall

Back to the Bridge at Sadgill

Oops! Blow Out near Garnett Bridge


   Copyright 2019 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.