Monday 15th May  2023


This is the Right Place

Parked up at the End of the Road in 'Sandwick'

Looking up at 'Low Birk Fell'

Looking back Down to 'Sandwick' from the Pathless Ascent

Nearly There

The Summit Cairn on 'Low Bank Fell'

Ullswater from near the Summit

Ullswater and 'Glencoyne' from near the Summit

Close up of 'Lyulph's Tower'

Looking up at Another Pathless Ascent up 'Birk Fell'

Three Fine Looking Females Keep me Company as I Climb

Looking Back Down on 'Low Bank Fell'

'Bleaberry Knott' the Highest Lump on 'Birk Fell'

A Selfie near the Summit

The Pile of Stones on 'Bleaberry Knott' the Summit of 'Birk Fell'

Looking Down to 'Glenridding'

'Seldom Seen' Farm in 'Glencoyne'

Looking Back at 'Bleaberry Knott' with 'Great Mell Fell' in the Background

Another Selfie this time on the Summit of 'The Knight'

Looking Back at 'The Knight'

Looking Down on 'Bleaberry Knott' and 'The Knight' in the Sunshine

The Southern End of 'Ullswater' and 'Glenridding' from near the Top of 'Place Fell'

'Patterdale' and the 'Grisedale' Valley

The 'Glenridding' Valley

Another Selfie this Time on the Summit of 'Place Fell' (Last Visited 2015)

Leaving 'Place Fell'

'Place Fell' from a Small Tarn near 'Hart Crag'

Close up of 'Helvellyn'

Close up of 'Clough Head'

'High Dodd' from 'Low Moss' Sheepfold

'Place Fell' from the Ascent of 'High Dodd'

Close up of 'Low Moss' Sheepfold  

'Ullswater' from the Summit of 'High Dodd'

Looking Down on 'Martindale' from 'High Dodd'

A Boat on 'Ullswater'

Looking Back at 'High Dodd' 

Ahead is 'Sleet Fell' with 'Hallin Fell' in the Background

'The Knight' from a Cairn on 'Sleet Fell'

'High Dodd' from 'Sleet Fell'

The 'Blencathra' Mountain Range and 'Ullswater' from Sleet Fell' 

'Hallin Fell' from the Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Sleet Fell' 

Looking Across at Today's First Hill 'Low Birk Fell' from 'Sleet Fell' 

Looking Down on 'Sandwick'

Close up of the Car Park

Looking Back up to 'Sleet Fell' from the Car Park


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