Wednesday 20th January 2016


Blencathra, Scales Fell, Bannerdale Crags and Souther Fell from the A66 Looking West

The Path up Mousthwaite Combe

Close up of Walkers on the Path,

Looking Back Down the Valley to Great Mell Fell

A Group of Walkers Reaching the Top of the Path

Looking Back Down the Path

Close up of Two Walkers Climbing Down Scales Fell

Close up of a Walker Climbing Up Scales Fell

Blencathra from Mousthwaite Col

Looking Back to Mousthwaite Col as I Start to Climb Souther Fell

Close up of two Walkers on Top of Scales Fell

Close up of Sharp Edge and Foule Crag on Blencathra

A Skier and Snow Boarder Heading up Scales Fell

Buzzed by a Microlight

The Microlight with the Summit of Bowscale Fell Behind and a Line of Walkers Below

A Group of Walkers Leaving Mousthwaite Col and Heading up Scales Fell

The Start of the River Gleneramackin Which Encircles Souther Fell

Blencathra and Bannerdale Crags from the Top of Souther Fell

Blencathra and Bannerdale Crags from a Cairn on Souther Fell

Close up of Walkers/Skiers/Snow Boarders or Ice Climbers on the Summit of Blencathra

Helicopter and a Vapor Trail from a High Flying Jet (or a SAM)

The Summit of Souther Fell as the Clouds Start Closing in

A Couple Leaving the Summit of Souther Fell

The Same Couple with the Snowy Inner Lakeland Fells Dead Ahead

Looking Across to Great Dun Fell from the Car Park

The White Horse Inn, Scales.


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