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Hugh Town from the air Showing the Scillonian III Moored on the Quay and Annet Cottage our B&B

(The Guardian, Photograph: Rob Lea)

Day 1 Sunday 2nd July 2017 (St Martin's)

Avoiding the Crowds on the IOS Ferry (Meridian) as we Leave Hugh Town and Head for St Martins

The Crowded IOS Ferry (Britannia) on the way to Tresco

The Local RNLB Lifeboat (The Whitehead) with our B&B Annet Cottage in the Background

The HMC (Vigilant) of the Border Force is one of Five UK Border Agency Cutters that Patrol our Waters

The IOS Ferry (Meridan) Leaves Higher Town Quay in St Martin's and Heads Back to Hugh Town

Heading for the Sand Dunes

Passing St Martin's Vineyard the most South-westerly Vineyard in England

The Berries of the New Zealand Pittosporum Bush which Protects the Vineyard from the Elements with it's Tall Hedges

Click Click above Higher Town Beach

Boats in the Bay near Higher Town Quay


Higher Town Beach

Walkers Coming away from the Prominent Red & White Day-Mark Shipping Guide

A Pose on English Island Point

Close up of a Garden Tiger Moth

Walkers Pass by the Day-Mark

The Scillonian III Heading for Hugh Town on St Mary's from Penzance (which we where on Yesterday)

Heading up to St Martin's Head

On top of St Martin's Head 

"Well you see it was like this"

The Day-Mark from the Remains of an Old Chapel

The Border Forces HMC (Vigilant) on Patrol

"You Cannot be Serious!"

Are You Sure this is the Right Way?

"Ouch! That's Prickly"

In Between Wine Cove and Scilly Point is the Beach of Great Bay

Walking on Great Bay Beach

Leaving the Beach Behind for Scilly Point

Walking over Tinkers Hill with the Round Island Lighthouse in the Distance  

A Red-legged Partridge Graces us with it's Presence

A Couple of Beers in the one and only pub on St Martin's as we wait for our Boat Back to St Mary's


Day 2 Monday 3rd July 2017 (St Mary's)


Leaving Annet Cottage

Close up of the Spiny Bear's-breeches Plant more Common in Southern Europe then the British Isles

Click Click at Juliet's Restaurant (Where we Dined Last Night)

On our Way Again

Scilly Rush Hour

Beware of Golfers

One of the Ancient Burial Chambers at Halangy Village

Inside the Burial Chamber

Enjoying the Moment


Walking & Talking in the Ferns

The Scillonian III Passing the Beach at Bar Point En-route to Hugh Town

Waving Back at the Spanish Children on the Ferry

IOS Ferry Boat (Sapphire) on it's way to St Martin's

Shell Picking on the Beach at Bar Point

Cairn Building Another Beach Activity

Close up of the Latest Artwork

All my Own Work (I Wonder how Long it will Last)

Another Ancient Burial Chamber this Time at Innisidgen

Leaving the Ancient Village for the Beach

Pelistry Bay Beach

Looking Northwest the Uninhabited Islands of St Helen's & Tean and the Round Island Lighthouse

A Song thrush Joins our Table as we Enjoy a Couple of Beers at Carn Vean

Click Click as we leave Carn Vean

Heading Back to the Beach

Looking Northeast Towards the Day-marker on St Martin's from Yesterday

A Wide Awake Seal

A Sleeping Seal (Bobbing)



Leaving the Beach

The Loaded Camel and Boat in Porth Hellick Bay

What's That Klaxon Going off for?

That's Why

The Clouds Hit the Floor as we Walk Around the Old Town on our way Back to Annet Cottage


Day 3 Tuesday 4th July 2017 (Bryher)


Leaving Annet Cottage for Another Boat Trip

Boats in Hugh Town Harbour

Close up of  the Luxury Yacht (Variety Voyager) Moored in the Harbour

Walking Through Hugh Town

Where to Today?

Stepping Foot on Anneka's Quay on Bryher (Built During the Challenge Anneka TV Series in 2007)

All Saints Church on Bryher

Old Gas Lamp inside the Church

A Tapestry of Bryher Hangs on the Wall

Shopping Again

Cluck Cluck  

Another Shop

She can't Resist

Front Wheel Drive Kayak

The Beach on Green Bay  

Sitting Amongst the Pebble Cairns on Rusty Bay

A Curious Seal Keeps an Eye on us

Could this be the First Ever Sighting of a Scilly Sea Otter?

Looking West Towards Norrard Rocks

The Multi-award Winning Hell Bay Hotel for Lunch

This Looks Interesting

I Could Stay Here

A Fresh Water Pool Next to the Hell Bay Hotel

Our Friend from Sunday Showing us How it's Done

He then Walks Away Leaving his Art Work Behind

We Round Hell Bay Where the Sea Never Rests

Cliff Erosion in the Bay

Pointing East Towards Tresco

Heading up Towards Shipman Head

The IOS Ferry (Sea King) which Dropped us off this Morning is now Leaving New Grimsby Harbour

Heading for the Pub

Walkers on the Remains of King Charles' Castle with Cromwell's Castle Guarding Straits the Divide Tresco & Bryher

Looking over to New Grimsby Harbour on Tresco

Are you Sure This is the Way?

Beer and Ice Cream at the Fraggle Rock Bar

Beach Combing as we Wait for the Ferry at Church Quay

A Blue Agapanthus in a Garden in Hugh Town


Day 4 Wednesday 5th July 2017 (Tresco)


A Skybus Plane Coming in to Land Above Hugh Town

A Sunnier Day in Hugh Town

The Tresco Ferry is Popular Today but we get on a 3rd Boat the (Meridian)

Another Day Another Ferry Ride as the IOS Ferry (Sapphire) Passes us  

The ISO (Sea King) Leaves the Low Tide Quay on the Southern Tip of Tresco

After Dropping us on Tresco our Boat Heads to Bryher

LOOK OUT! Here Comes Oggi

Oggi Lands his Small Light Plane on the Path we were on a few Seconds Earlier  

He Lands Safely

Abbey Gardens Tresco

Crossing the Bridge just inside the Garden

The Vegetable Garden

Looking for the Map in the Fruit Garden

The Treehouse Leek or Irish Rose a Houseplant Grown in Abundance Around the Garden

The Shell House

The Shell House Mural

Close up of the Mural

A Pose Under a Bust of Neptune

A Father & Daughter Walking in the Mediterranean Garden

Looking South Through the Trees Towards St Mary's

The Lighthouse Walk with the Tresco Children at the End

A Pose on a Bench

What are These Called?

"It's an Orange Pincushion Protea"

The Flower of the Gazania (Big Kiss) only Opens when the Sun Shines

An Aaeonium Nobile Succulent Native to the Canary Islands

A Cube Sculpture in the Garden

The Remains of the Old Abbey

The Giant Protea (Sugar bush) Native to South Africa

One of the Resident Golden Peasants  

A Bird of Paradise Flower

A Couple Walking Through the Gardens

The Cannon at the Valhalla Museum for Shipwrecked Figureheads

Passing by the Tresco Children

The Tesco Children by David Wynne

The Lighthouse Walk Leading to Neptune Steps

On the way to the Beach

A Wild Blue Agapanthus in the Sand Dunes

Looking North Along Pentle Bay Beach

Looking South Along the Beach

Hard Work all this Island Hopping

The Blue Agapanthus has to be the Flower of the Scilly Isles

On the Boat Back and Wide Awake after a Couple of Beers

Annet Cottage from the Boat  


Day 5 Thursday 6th July 2017 (St Agnes)


Which Boat Today?

The Meridian Drops us of and the Sea King Drops a Load of Children for the Camp Site on St Agnes

Overlooking the Sandbar at Low Tide that Gives us Access to the Island of Gugh from St Agnes

Setting of Across the Sandbar

Come on Before the Tide Comes in

Looking Back Over to the Now Deserted New Quay

The Dutch Designed Houses are for the Only Residents on Gugh

Heading to the North of the Island

Heading Down Kittern Hill

The Old Man of Gugh is a Bronze Age Ritual Monument

The Scillonian III Passing Porthcressa Beach on St Mary's

A Big Smile in the Sunshine at Dropnose Point

Approaching Hoe Point on the Southern Most Tip of the Island

A Mother Herring Gull Watching over her Chicks

As we Round the Island St Agnes Comes Back into View

Looking Over to the Sandbar


Crossing Back Over the Sandbar

Sailing Boats Moored Between the Islands

Time for Lunch and Couple of Pints in the Turks Head

A Beer Delivery for the Pub

Blue Agapanthus Flowers Against a Blue Sky (They Grow Like Wild Flowers Scilly Isles)

A White Agapanthus Flower

Angel's Trumpet Flowers from a Bush in a Garden in Higher Town

Looking at a Maypole and the Disused Lighthouse in the Centre of the Island

A Lilac Colured Agapanthus Flower

After an Ice Cream at Troy Town Farm we Find a Nice New Path

Burnt Island with it's Gable end Shaped Day Marker

Looking over a Pond Towards the Disused Lighthouse

Just Beyond Killimay Point is the Quay and the Turks Head

Wild Agapanthus Flowers and Red Hot Pokers Above the Quay

The Turks Head Pub from our Boat on the Quay

A Fishing Boat Leaving Hugh Town Harbour as we Arrive Back

Boats in Hugh Town Bay


Day 6 Friday 7th July 2017 (Annet & St Mary's)


Another Day, Another Boat, Another Adventure

Passing the Disused Lighthouse on St Agnes

The Day-marker on Burnt Island and a Cormorant Colony

The Lighthouse and Day-marker

A Cormorant Colony on a Rock off St Agnes

Troy Town Farm and Camp Site on St Agnes

A Lone Cormorant

A Scilly Puffin Flying Just Above the Sea

A Scilly Puffin Taking off

A Line of Scilly Puffins Resting on the Water

Atlantic Grey Seals on the Uninhabited Isle of Annet

Lone Atlantic Grey Seal

If I Close my Eyes Maybe they won't See me

The Bishop Rock Lighthouse and the Western Rocks (The Worlds Smallest Island with a Building on it)

A Scilly Puffin Taking off with a Beak Full of Fish

Some Lucky Chick is About to Have a Fish Supper

All Smiles as we Head back to St Mary's from St Agnes

The Beach at Porthcressa in Hugh Town

Lunch and a Couple of Beers at the Old Fire Station

Looking Back at Porthcressa Beach from above the Allotments on the Footpath to Peninnis Head

Walking Round the Headland

Heading Towards the Peninnis Lighthouse

A Close up of One of Three Skybus Flights Taking off

The Path we were on a few Days ago Clearly Visible as the Second Plane Lines up for Take Off 

Looking Down on a Couple of Canoeist from Peninnis Head

Leaving Peninnis Lighthouse

Dropping Down Peninnis Head as the Third Plane gets Ready for Take off

Off it goes Heading for the Mainland

Old Town Comes into View

Trying his Luck with some Big Pebbles

Old Town Church where Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson is Buried

Much Better Weather then the Last Time we were in Old Town

Old Town Bay


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