Wednesday 1st March 2023


Parked up Under 'High Hill' at the End of Stockdale Lane above Settle

Setting Off up Stockdale Lane

Leaving the Lane and Heading for the Hills

Looking Back Down at the Car

Nearly There

A Selfie on the Summit of 'High Hill'

Leaving 'High Hill'

Dead Ahead is the Western Top of 'Warrandale Knotts'

Now Heading for 'Warrandale Knotts'

Up and Over

Starting to Climb Again

Into the Crags

Climbing up via a Slippery Gully

Come on Keep Going

Looking Down on Settle from near the Summit

Over There

Steady On

Holding on in the Wind

A Pose by the Trig Point on 'Warrandale Knotts'

 Another Pose'

'Pendle Hill' from the Summit

Leaving the Summit of our 2nd Hill

'Pen-y-ghent' from near the Summit

Heading for Victoria Cave

Passing Attermire Scar 

Admiring the View

A Pose with 'Warrandale Knotts' & 'Attermire Scar' 

All Smiles under the Crags

Heading Back to the Stockdale Lane

'Warrandale Knotts' & 'Attermire Scar'

Come on Keep up

Back on the Lane

Heading for Stockdale Farm

Looking back at Stockdale Farm 

Leaving the Path and Heading for our 3rd Hill

Malham Tarn from Last Week

The Pile of Stones near the Summit of 'Girzedales'

The Wet & Windy Summit of 'Girzedale'

Some Claim to have been here Three Times Now

Heading back Down and then on to 'Rye Loaf Hill' Dead Ahead

Through the Gate again

Climbing Again

Reaching the Summit of Our 4th Hill Today 'Rye Loaf Hill' 

A Pose by the Trig Point in the Wind & Rain

Some Claim to have been here Five Times

Stockdale Farm from the Summit

Heading back to the Farm

'Rye Loaf Hill' and Stockdale Farm

Back to the Gate on Stockdale Lane

The Long and Winding Road

Nearly back at the Car under 'High Hill'


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