Saturday 27th May 2023


Boots on at the End of the Long Single Track Road Down Loch Arkaig

A Group Pose Before Setting Off

Which Way?

Getting Motivated for that Grass Slope

Entering Glen Dessarry

'Strathan' in Glen Dessarry

A Pose by the Crossroads

Close up of the Warning Sign

Our Horseshoe Ridge Dead Ahead

Looking up at our Route Down above 'Glendessarry Lodge'

Heading for the Hills

The Corbett 'Braigh nan Uamhachan' (Bagged Last Year)

Climbing Higher

A Pose on the Hillside

Looking Down on 'Glen Dessarry

Getting Wetter as we Climb into the Clouds

All Smiles in the Rain

A Pose on the Ridge

Heading Along the Ridge to the Summit

Climbing Down a Crag

Putting on Another Layer as the Rain gets Heavier

Heading for the Tooth on the Ridge

Passing the Tooth

A Pose on the Summit of the Corbett 'Sgurr cos na Breachd-laoidh'

Standing up to the Wind on the Summit

A Wet Lunch Below the Summit

Out of the Clouds and Heading Back Down

Looking Down on 'Glendessarry Lodge' 

The Corbett 'Streap' (Bagged Last Year) and the Munro 'Sgurr Thuilm' (Bagged 2010) above 'Strathan' in Glen Dessarry

Curious Stag, Taken from the Car on Leaving the Car Park

Sunday 28th May 2023

Back in the Same Car Park as Yesterday (the Last Parking Space Thanks to St Mungo's)

Up the Track Again

Click Click

The Corbett 'Streap Through the Old Redcoats Barracks Window

The Corbett 'Streap' (Bagged Last Year) and the Munro 'Sgurr Thuilm' (Bagged 2010) above 'Strathan' in Glen Dessarry

The Crossroads Again

Leaving the Valley and Heading for the Hills on the Tomdoun Track

A Stag Showing Off This Year's New Antlers

Pose on the Track

Another Stag Watching Over us

Looking Back Down from the Waterfalls in the 'Dearg Allt' Ravine

Close up of the Corbett 'Streap'

Close up of the Munro 'Sgurr Thuilm'

Close up of the Corbett' 'Bidean a' Chabair'

Climbing Higher

Heading for Our Hill

Mind Your Fingers

Climbing Again with the Corbett 'Fraoch Bheinn' in the Background

Higher We Go

Admiring the View

Keep Going

A Pose on the Hillside

Taking a Break and Admiring the View Down Loch Arkaig

I Could Sit Here all Day

This is a Really Nice Viewpoint

A Pose Above Loch Arkaig

Another Pose Above Loch Arkaig

Looking South Across a Small Lochan

A Cowboy and Two Indians

Leaving the Lochan

Looking N/W to the Munro 'Sgurr Mor' (Bagged 2010)

Nearly There

The Summit of the Corbett 'Sgurr Mhurlagain'

Reaching the Summit

All Smiles on the Summit

Another Pose on the Summit of 'Sgurr Mhurlagain'

Another Pose on the Summit of 'Sgurr Mhurlagain'

Loch Arkaig from the Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Sgurr Mhurlagain'

Looking Down to the End of Loch Arkaig and the Car Park from the Summit

Close up of the Car Park

Heading Back Down

Heading Back Down Below the Corbett 'Fraoch Bheinn' (to be Conquered Another Day)

Level Ground for a Bit

Looking Back at 'Sgurr Mhurlagain'

Splashing Across a River

Easy Does it

Nearly Back Down

Not Far Now

Last Look at 'Sgurr Thuilm'

Back to the Remains of the Old Redcoats Barracks


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