Wednesday 8th March 2023


Crossing the Railway Bridge at Stainforth

Walking Down a Quiet Lane to Little Stainforth

A Close up of our 1st Hill Today 'Smearsett Scar'

The Ancient Packhorse Bridge over the River Ribble at Stainforth

'Pen-y-gent' from Little Stainforth

Leaving Little Stainforth

Heading for the Hills

'Smearsett Scar'

'Pen-y-gent' Again

Starting to Climb

Reaching the Summit of 'Smearsett Scar' 

'Pen-y-gent' from the Trig Point

Hallo I'm on Top of Smearsett Scar' 

Ahead is 'Pot Scar'

Leaving Behind 'Smearsett Scar' and Heading for 'Pot Scar'

A Quick Pose with 'Smearsett Scar' 

A Pose with the Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Pot Scar'

'Pen-y-gent' and 'Fountains Fell' from 'Pot Scar'

'Ingleborough' from 'Pot Scar' 

Looking Down on Feizor

A Close up of Feizor 

Up and Over

The Cairn Marks the Western End of 'Pot Scar' 

Reaching the Cairn

'Pen-y-gent' and a Hawthorn Tree

Walking Through the Feizor Nick

Into the Woods

A Pose on the Summit of 'Feizor Wood'

Another Pose on the Summit

'Pot Scar' from 'Feizor Wood'

On the Dales High Way Path after Coffee and Cake in Elaine's Tea Rooms in Feizor

Up & Over a Ladder Stile with 'Smearsett Scar' in the Background

'Pot Scar' and 'Ingleborough'

Climbing Again

A Selfie on the Summit of 'Feizor Thwaite' our Last Hill for Today

Heading Back Down to the Dales High Way

A Close up of a Couple Walking on Top of 'Smearsett Scar'

Another Ladder Stile

New Signpost

Walking Into the Very Cold East Wind

Looking Down the Ribble Valley to 'Warrandale Knotts' from Last Week

Nearly Back to Stainforth


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