Wednesday 26th August 2020


Parked up at the side of the Road in St John's in the Vale

The Wainwright 'High Rigg' is this Afternoons Hill

Heading up the Old Coach Road to Dockrey

'High Rigg' from the Coach Road

My Junction off the A66 and the Village of Threlkeld from the Coach Road

Looking Back Down the Coach Road

The Path Ahead is the Steep Start of the Fellrunners Route up Clough Head (Not on the Map)

A Strange Place for an Old Railway Carriage In front of the Wainwright 'Souther Fell' (Bagged 2016)

Is it the Short Steep Route up or Carry on to the Longer Gentle Route?

The Steep Route Today

Looking Back Down to the Coach Road from the Steep Route

The Top at Last

I'm not Alone on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Clough Head'

The Outcrop of White Pike Marks the Start of the Gentle Route Down

The Gate at the Bottom of the Gentle Route on the Old Coach Road

Another Old Rusty Railway Carriage by the Coach Road In front of the Wainwrights 'Great & Little Mell Fell' (Bagged 2019)

The Village of Threlkeld Below the Clouds

Heading Back Down the Old Road to the Car

The Old Coach Road from the Road to the Church

St John's in the Vale Church

The Youth Hostel

One of the Many Paths Through the Ferns on 'High Rigg'

'Clough Head' from this Morning from the Summit of 'High Rigg'

Looking N/W the 'Skiddaw' Range

N/E the 'Blencathra' Range and the Threlkeld Valley

To the East 'Clough Head' now Clear of Cloud

Looking South the Valley of St John's in the Vale, the Dodds and the 'Helvellyn' Range

Also to the South 'Steel Fell' (Bagged 2016) and a Glimpse of the Thirlmere Reservoir

'Clough Head' from one of the Paths on 'High Rigg'

A Close up of the Old Coach Road from this Morning again

The 'Skiddaw' Range from near Wanthwaite Bridge

The 'Blencathra' Range from near Wanthwaite Bridge

'High Rigg' from Wanthwaite Bridge


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