STONETHWAITE (Borrowdale) July 2021


Wednesday 14th July 2021


Dead Ahead is 'Eagle Crag' our 1st Hill Today

Off We Go!

Our 2nd Hill 'Sergeant's Crag' comes into View Behind 'Eagle Crag'

A Pose Before we Cross the River and Start to Climb

Into the Ferns we go Again

Some of These Ferns are Quite Tall

Up we go!

Following the Wall to the Crags

A Pose on the Wall

Looking Back Down the Valley to Stonethwaite

Working up a Sweat in the Ferns

Looking Back at the Wall

Getting Higher Now

Over There!

Start of the Scramble with the Langstrath Valley Way Below us

Up you Go!

A Pose with 'Sergeant Crag' Behind us

Elevenses under the Crag

Off we go Again!

Keep Going!

'Sergeant's Crag'

The Langstrath Valley

Click Click

Nearly There!

A Bit More Scrambling

A Pose on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Eagle Crag'

(Lost Fags) now Found

Trail Magazine Photo Crew also Taking a Break on the Summit of 'Eagle Crag' 

Looking Back at 'Eagle Crag'  

Heading for 'Sergeant's Crag'

Admiring the View

Steve 'Indiana Jones' on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Sergeant Crag'

Trail Magazine Photo Shoot Taking Place near the Summit of 'Sergeant's Crag'

Leaving 'Sergeant's Crag'

Heading for 'High Raise'

Looking Back at 'Sergeant's Crag' 

Close up of 'Linging Crag Across the Greenup Gill Valley, our Last Hill Top of the Day  

Keep Going!

The Summit of the Wainwright 'High Rise' (Last Visited 2016)

The Langstrath Valley with 'Esk Pike' (Bagged 2017) 'The Scafells' (1st Bagged 1979) and 'Great End'

The Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Low White Stones'

In the Centre is 'Fleetwith Pike' & 'Honister Crag' from the Summit of 'Low White Stones'

Leaving 'Low White Stones' and Heading Back Down

On Top of 'Lining Crag'

Looking Down from the Top of 'Lining Crag' at Our Route Back

Underneath 'Lining Crag'

Looking Back at 'Lining Crag'

'Eagle Crag' and the Greenup Gill Valley

Passing Underneath 'Eagle Crag'

Down the Greenup Gill Valley (Day 3 C2C Route)

Keep Going!

Our Route by the Wall Through the Ferns from This Morning

Click, Click

'Eagle Crag' from an Old Barn Ruin  


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