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Day 7 Sunday 12th May 2019 Instow to Westward Ho!

What's Going on Here?

The Old Railway Platform is used as a Drinks Station for the Bideford10k Fun Run

Off they go

Looking Back at Instow

Across the River is Appledore

A Man Doing up an Old Boat

On the Tarka Trial Coming up to the River Torridge Road Bridge Carrying the A39

Rowers on the River

Looking up at the Bridge

Rowers Passing under the Bridge

A Shipwreck at the Side of the River

Approaching Bideford Long Bridge

A Bideford Footprint

A Pose with Takra the Otter

Giving Tarka a Cuddle

Statue of Charles Kingsley who wrote the Novels Westward Ho! & Water Babies

Flowering Red Hawthorne Tree on Bideford Quay

Mallards on the Quay Wall 

Red Hot Pokers on the River Bank

WW2 Tank Traps on the Path

Boardwalk over Boggy Bit

Smiling on the Boardwalk

A Couple of Old Wrecks Stuck in the Mud


Appledore Montage on a Wall from the Local School

Appledore Footprints

Instow from Appledore

Instow from the Rusty Appledore Anchor 

Original Shipbuilders Houses on Irsha Street in Appledore

Must go in there for a Cider

The Dolls House

More Houses on Irsha Street

Looking Back Down the Street

Appledore's Tamar-class Lifeboat the "Mollie Hunt"  

Follow the Sign

His & Hers Footprints in the Sand

Heading for the Pub

The Gang of Six who are Stopping in our Hotel

The Pebble Ridge at Westward Ho!


Day 8 Monday 13th May 2019 Westward Ho! to Clovelly


The Rusty Old Signpost in Westward Ho!

Westward Ho! Footprint

The Rock Pool in Westward Ho!

Information Board on Westward Ho! Promenade

The First Verse of Kipling's Poem "If" in Pebbles in Front of the Beach Huts

Looking Back at Baggy Point from Last Year

Looking Ahead to Hartland Point Radar Dome & Lighthouse (Tomorrow's Walk)

Leaving Westward Ho! via an Old Railway Track Bed

Today's Target is Clovelly

Close up of Clovelly (Still a Long way off)

Walking along Cornborough Cliff

Heading up Towards Abbotsham Cliff

Heading Down Abbotsham Cliff

An Old Lime Kiln

Beach of Pebbles Below the Cliffs

A Quick Pose on a Wooden Seat

Heading up Greencliff

Click Click

Looking Back Along our Route from the Top of Greencliff

Steps Down to Babbacombe Mouth

Nearly on the Beach

Steps up from Babbacombe Mouth

Fisherman on the Beach at Babbacombe Mouth

All Smiles on the Beach

Lunch on the Beach at Portledge Mouth

Leaving the Beach for the Woods

Climbing Steps Amongst Wild Garlic Blossom

Mind Your Head

Looking Back Along our Route from above the Woods

Climbing More Steps this time Amongst Wild Bluebells

Walking Through Bluebells for the Next Two Miles

Close up of a Native Wild Bluebell

Click Click

Bluebells & Ferns

All Smiles on a Wooden Bridge

Clovelly Getting Nearer

The Island of Lundy far out to Sea

Out of the Woods at Last

Bucks Mills

The Long and Winding Forest Road to Clovelly (Hobby Drive)

Clovelly Very Close Now

I Wonder what the Beer is Like in the New Inn?

Leaving the New Inn


Day 9 Tuesday 14th May 2019 Clovelly to Hartland Quay


Heading Back Down to Clovelly

Looking Down on the Red Lion

All Smiles in a Quiet Corner of Clovelly

The Quayside

Heading up Again

Brewery Delivery at the Pub

Only 531 Miles to go!

Must be This Way

A Fine Looking Young Bull

A Stand Off, Who's Going to Move First

Clear of the Bull's and on our way Again

Descending Steps

A Pose on a Gate

More Bluebells

The Angel's Wings Shelter

Back on the Path

Lots of Rhododendron Trees

The Track Leads to the Sea

What's Around this Corner

The Old Cottage & Lime Kiln by the River at Mouthmill

Lunch on Mouthmill Beach

Close up of Hawthorn Flowers Growing on one of the Wooden Post on the Steps

Reaching the top of the Path Above Mouthmill Beach

Heading Down Again on a Zig Zag to Becklands Water

A Woodland Path

Looking Back Across at the Zig Zag from the Other Side

Looking at Mouthmill Beach and the Natural Double Arch of Blackchurch Rock

Climbing Higher

Above Blackchurch Rock

Up & Down Again

A Pose on a Bridge 

Out of the Woods

Walking on the Edge of Farmland on Brownsham Cliff

A Pose on the Trig Point at Chapman Rock

Hartland Point Radar Dome from above Shipload Bay

The Radar Dome Getting Nearer

Nearly There

Looking Down on Shipload Bay

At Last Passing the Radar Dome at Hartland Point 

Car Park at Hartland Point

Lundy Island & Hartland Point Lighthouse

Down More Steps

And up More Steps

Arial View of Hartland Quay


Day 10  Wednesday 15th May 2019 Hartland Quay to Morwenstow


Leaving Hartland Quay

Screda Point

Heading for St Catherine's Tor

Pink Sea Thrift Growing in Abundance on the Cliffs

The German Girls Set the Pace

Surfer Looking for a Safe Entry into the Water

The Germans Still Ahead

Still Looking

Off they Go (Won't see them again)

This is a Pleasant Valley Walk for a Change

Looking Back at Hartland Quay & the Radar Dome

The Cliffs Ahead of us

Up we go Again

Then Down Again

Dropping Down into Welcombe Mouth (not the Sort of Beach to go for a Swim)

Scarlet Pimpernel Flowers Growing on the Steps

Easy Does it

The Stepping Stones on Strawberry Water

Over we Go

A Pose on the Stepping Stones

Looking Back at Welcome Mouth

Ronald Duncan's Hut (author, poet & playwright)

Heading Down again

Looking Down at the Bridge at Marsland Mouth

Surfer at Marsland Mouth

Crossing the Bridge

Goodbye Devon

Hello Cornwall

Looking across Marsland Mouth to Ronald Duncan's Hut

A Flat bit of Cliff Path

Looking Back at the Last Two Downs Welcome Mouth & Marsland Mouth

Down again

Steady on 

Crossing the Footbridge

Another Pose on a Footbridge

Come on Keep up

Gull Rock or with a bit more Imagination (Elephants Rock)

Looking Back at Hartland Quay through the Haze

Another Couple of up & downs then a Couple of Ciders in the Bush Inn Morwenstow


Day 11 Friday 17th May 2019 Morwenstow to Bude


Heading for the Coast Path from Morwenstow

Dropping Down into the Valley Tidna Shute

A Quick Pose

A Couple Climbing Out of the Valley

Heading for Higher Sharpnose Point

Looking North from Higher Sharpnose Point

Looking South from Higher Sharpnose Point

The Path into Tidna Shute

A Disused Lookout Post

Bude Just Visible in the Distance

The Listening Station Getting Nearer

Still Smiling on the Footbridge at Stanbury Mouth

Climbing up out of Stanbury Mouth

GCHQ Bude 

Passing the Listening Station

Bit of Colour on a Damp Day

Climbing a Wooden Stile

Where does this Path go?

Easy Does it

Lunch on Duckpool Beach

Looking Back Across Duckpool to Steeple Point

Come on Keep up

Keep Smiling

"Don't Care What it Says we Don't Finish Here"

The First and Only Cafe on Route so far this week at Sandy Mouth

A Bit of Path Erosion

Looking Back Towards the Listening Station

Looking Down on Northcott Mouth

More WW2 Tank Traps on the Beach

Crooklets Beach on the Outskirts of Bude

Passing Beach Huts

The Outdoor Pool at Bude

A Pose at the End of Today's Walk


Day 12 Friday 18th May 2019 Bude to Crackington Haven


Nanny Moore's Bridge over the River Neet

Bude Castle

Bude Canal

Bude Beach at Low Tide

Our Car Parked Outside the Hotel on Summerleaze Crescent

Passing the Lookout on Compass Point

Looking Back at the Lookout on Compass Point and just Visible the Listening Station from Yesterday

A Pose on the Trig Point on Efford Beacon

Looking Back at the Trig Point

Give us a Smile

Lower Longbeak from Higher Longbeak

Looking North from Higher Longbeak

The Pile of Stones on Lower Longbeak

The Way Ahead

A Nice Popular Cliff Walk to Widemouth Bay

Widemouth Bay

Looking North

Looking South

Lifeguards and Dogwalkers on the Beach

WW2 Tank Traps on the Southern end of Widemouth Bay

Looking Back to Widemouth Bay

To the Road

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Nearly at the Top of Penhalt Cliff

Looking Back to Widemouth Bay from Penhalt Cliff

Heading Down into Millook

Looking Down on Millook Haven

The Cliff Path Down into Millook

A Man Looking at the Cliffs from the Beach at Millook

Close up of the Chevron Folded Strata at the Base of the Cliffs

Climbing out of Millook

Back on the Path

You Don't see that Everyday

The Weather Looks to be Clearing up

Pushing the Trig Point over at Dizzard Point

Entering Dizzard Wood

Into the Woods

Looking Down on to the Beach at Scrade

Heading Down

The Tea Ladies Having a Break and Watching us Descend

Steady on

Just a Few of the 180 Steps Down

The Footbridge at the Bottom of Scrade

Big Steps Uphill

The Tea Ladies near the Top

A Very Worn Path

Looking Back Across the Valley

Climbing up the Other side

Keep Going

Come on

A Close up of the Sunlight Catching GCHQ Bude from Yesterday

Down Again

Crossing the Footbridge above Cleave Strand then a Short Uphill

A Flat Bit

Approaching Castle Point

The Last Footbridge and the Last uphill this Week

Climbing out of the Cleave Valley

All Downhill now to Crackington Haven

A Couple of Ciders at the End of this Weeks Walk in the Coombe Barton Inn at Crackington Haven


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