Wednesday 8th October 2014 (Travelling Day)


Boot's on

Ahead Lies the Path to the Munros Beinn a Chochuill and Beinn Eunaich

Walking Round Monadh Driseig the Eastern Top of Beinn a' Bhuridh

You Don't Often Come Across a Blonde and a Red Head on the Hills

First View of Beinn a' Bhuridh

Coire Chreachainn and the Munro Stob Diamh in the Next Glen

Our Coire (Coire Glas) and Beinn a' Bhuridh

Leaving the Track and Climbing up to the Head of the Coire

Steeper and Steeper we go with the Track now way Below

Lets Have a Break

After the Steep Climb up the Coire it's all Boulders from Here

The Munro Ben Cruachan and the Cruachan Reservoir

The Summit of Beinn a' Bhuridh

Click Click on the Summit

Leaving the Summit

Our Path Clearly Seen in the Glen Below Before it Disappeared

In Amongst the Northern Cliffs Above the Glen

Heading East Towards Monadh Driseig

The Western Ridge of Beinn a' Bhuridh

The Trig Point on Monadh Driseig with Loch Awe Below

The Trig Point on Monadh Driseig with Beinn a' Bhuridh Behind

Having a Break on a Boulder Above Strath Orchy

Heading Back Down to the Head of Loch Awe and the Car Which is Parked by the Road Junction Below

Thursday 9th October 2014

Creach Bheinn from Loch Creran

Leaving the Woods on the New Track

Climbing Higher up the Track with Loch Creran and Creran Bridge Behind

A Recently Installed Tap Cover Making for a Convenient Rest Area

New Dam for Hydroelectric Plant the Reason for the New Track

Filming Stags Roaring and Gathering up Hinds for Their Harem

Top of the Pass

Hands on Again up a Slippery Wet Gully

The Top Before the Summit After Spending a Good Hour Watching Dozens of Red Deer in the Glen Below

That Looks Like the Summit

The Summit Trig Point on Creach Bheinn

Silhouette Above the Gully

Surprising How Much Strength You Have When Your Last Pound Rolls Under a Rock

Heading Back Down Coire Buidhe

Last Look at Loch Creran and Creran Bridge Until we are Driving Past it

Thursday 10th October 2014

Just Visible Beinn a' Chaisteil  as I Set off From the Access Road to Auch in the Dark

A Bit Lighter With the Glen Coralan Viaduct now Behind us

One of the New Bridges that Also Carry the Pipeline from the Small Dam Higher up the Glen Coralan

Leaving the Track to Climb up Towards the S/E Ridge of Beinn a' Chaisteil

The Corbett Beinn Chaorach that I Climbed Last Month

Just Coming into View Beinn Ordar Also Climbed Last Month

At last the Line of Fence Posts that Will be my Companion for the Rest of the Day

A Sunbeam on the Gleann Auch Viaduct

The Summit of Beinn a' Chaisteil Clear of Clouds for the Moment

Leaving the Summit Behind

As Well as the Fence Thick Clouds now Also Accompany me All the Way to the Summit of Beinn nam Fuaran

Views Open up N/E to Loch Lyon as I Reach the Summit of Beinn nam Fuaran Only to Disappear Just as Quickly


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