THIRLMERE April 2021


Wednesday 21st April 2021


Parked up in Dobgill Car Park

Leaving the Thirlmere Reservoir Behind

A Rock Balanced on Top of 'Brown Rigg'

'Blea Tarn Fell' from the Summit of 'Brown Rigg'

'Coldbarrow Fell' from the Summit of 'Blea Tarn Fell'

'High Saddle' & 'Low Saddle' on 'Coldbarrow Fell'

'High Saddle' & 'Low Saddle' from the High Point of the Bridleway to Watendlath

Next 'Standing Crag'

Workington Woman & Penrith Man Start to Climb 'Standing Crag'

Looking Back Down at 'Blea Tarn Fell' (Far Right) from the Ascent of 'Standing Crag'

Blea Tarn from the Summit of 'Standing Crag'

'Great Gable' Peeping over the Col Between 'High Saddle' & 'Low Saddle'

Heading for 'Low Saddle'

Blea Tarn from the Summit of 'Low Saddle'

Watendlath Tarn and Derwent Water from the Summit 'Low Saddle'

Looking Back at 'Low Saddle'

Looking Back at 'High Saddle'

'High Saddle' & 'Low Saddle'

A Pose on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Ullscarf'

'Wythburn Fell' Overlooking the Thirlmere Reservoir

'Helvellyn' (First Bagged 1997) and 'Nethermost Pike' (Bagged 2004) from near the Top of 'Wythburn Fell'

The Wainwright 'Steel Fell' (Bagged 2016) and 'Fairfield' Behind (Bagged 2004) from 'Wythburn Fell'

The Crags Above Ullscarf Gill

Heading back Down Now

Approaching Harrop Tarn  

Tarn Crags Reflected in Harrop Tarn

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Parked up in Armboth Car Park

Looking Back Down to the Car Park

Wainwright's Heart Shaped Balanced Rock

Going up the Side of Fisher Gill on the Path to Watendlath

Looking Back Down at Thirlmere

Looking South to 'High Saddle' & 'Low Saddle' from Last Week

Last Nights Rain Fell as Snow on top of Brown Cove Crags on Helvellyn

The Pile of Stones on the Summit of the Wainwright 'High Tove'

Looking North Towards Next Weeks Hill 'High Seat' from 'High Tove'

Looking S/W Towards 'Armboth Fell'

Looking Back at 'High Tove'

Next up is 'Middle Crag'

Leaving 'Middle Crag'

'Shivery Knott' Dead Ahead

An Old Iron Fencepost on the Summit of 'Shivery Knott'

The Wooden Fencepost on the Summit of 'Watendlath Fell'

Last Weeks Hills and Blea Tarn from a Cairn on the Western Spur of 'Watendlath Fell' 

'Standing Crag' and Blea Tarn

Blea Tarn, 'Ullscarf' 'High Saddle' & 'Low Saddle' from the Cairn

Looking Back at a Couple of Walkers on 'Watendlath Fell' 

Another Couple on 'Shivery Knott'

A Lone Walker on 'High Tove'

A Pair of Walkers Leaving the Summit of the Wainwright 'Armboth Fell'

Looking Back at the Crags on 'Armboth Fell' from a Small Tarn

Looking North onto Thirlmere from 'Fisher Crag'

Hawes How Island on Thirlmere from 'Fisher Crag'


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