Saturday 23rd January 2016


Nearly Ready

Nearing the Top of the Garburn Road

A Pose High Above the Troutbeck Valley

Over a Style on to Open Moorland

Over Here

The Wet and Windy Summit of Sallows

Pose in the Wind and Rain on the Summit

Back Down to the Wall for a Quick Break out of the Wind

Fueled with Muffins we set off Again

We Handrail the wall Towards our Next Hill

Steady on Nearly There

The Summit of Sour Howes

Up and Over on the way Back Down 

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Nearly Ready

Heading North on the Kirkstone Road

Troutbeck Tongue is Dwarfed by it's Eastern Neighbours Froswick,Ill Bell and York

Heading Down Ing Lane

A Pair of Buzzards Riding High on the Thermals 

The Track Turns to Tarmac as we Approach Troutbeck Park

A Quick Pose in Front of Troutbeck Tongue

Ing Bridge

A Stile with no Fence

Looking Back Down the Troutbeck Valley

A Big Step

Time to Admire the View

Climbing up to the New Gate

The Troutbeck Valley

A Pose by the Gate as we Climb into the Snowline

Following Footprints

Making my Own Footprints

Nearing the Summit of Troutbeck Tongue

Lunch out of the Wind

Leaving the Summit of Troutbeck Tongue with Lake Windermere to the South

Heading North Looking Towards Caudale Moor, Thrashthwaite Mouth and Thornthwaite Crag

Passing Rock Formations on the Ridge

A Pose by a Stile with the High Street Track Way Below

A Better Pose

Heading Back Down the High Street Track Next to Troutbeck Tongue

Looking Back up the High Street Track

Back to the Gate at Troutbeck Park

Looking Back at Troutbeck Tongue

Troutbeck Church

Buzzed by a Lynx Helicopter as we Reach the Car

Saturday 13th February 2016

Heading up a Field Path Behind the Church

Mind the Wonky Gate

Heading up to the Top Road

This Way, Once I get the Gate Open

Climbing Steeply out of Troutbeck on Nanny Lane

Still Higher we go

The Track Flattens out in an Area Called the Hundreds

Leaving the Track for the Open Fells

Into the Cold Wind and onto Frozen Ground

Close up of a Couple and Lake Windermere

Looking South Towards Lake Windermere

The Summit of Wansfell and a Small man Balancing on top of the Summit Cairn

Lunch out of the Wind

Off up Hill Again to Wansfell Pike

Following the Wall

The Summit Just Ahead

Over the Wall is Ambleside

Nearly There

Close up of Ambleside from Wansfell Pike

Close up of Tourists Coming up the Footpath from Ambleside

Heading Back Down to Troutbeck Away from the Tourists

All to Myself

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Reaching Nanny Lane Again

Safe From the Pack Above Troutbeck


   Copyright 2016 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.