Friday 16th February 2024


Church Bridge in Troutbeck

A Moss Covered Beck

Looking Back at the Track Heading up to the Garburn Pass

Just Visible are Houses in Troutbeck

The Kirkstone Pass Road

Gate in the Clouds

Higher up the Track the Clouds Getting Thicker

Heavy Drizzle on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Sallows' (Last Visited Jan 2016)

Ahead Lies the Wainwright 'Sour Howes' (Also Visited Jan 2016)

The Small Pile of Stones on the Summit (A Poor Excuse for a Cairn)

Heading Downhill to the Next Hill

Hill No3 Just Visible

All Smiles as the Rain Stops on the Summit of 'Capple Howe'

Down then Up Again

Back up to 'Sour Howes'

'Golf Tee' Lichen (Pixie Cups or Shrek's Ears)

The Cloud Lifts Enough for Windermere to Appear from the Track Back Down

The Troutbeck Valley


Monday 19th February 2024


The Parish Church in Troutbeck

'Troutbeck Tongue' from Ing Lane

The Southern Crags on 'Troutbeck Tongue'

Looking Back Down the Troutbeck Valley from the Crags

The Cairn on the Summit

A Selfie on the Summit of the Wainwright 'Troutbeck Tongue' (Last Visited Feb 2016)

Looking N/W to 'Red Screes' (Last Bagged Aug 2020)

Looking North to 'Caudale Moor' (Bagged Jan 2018), Threshthwaite Mouth and 'Thornthwaite Crag' (Last Bagged Jan 2018)

Lake Windermere from the Cairn

Heading Back Down

Looking S/W to 'Wansfell' on Baystones my Next Hill

Looking up Nanny Lane

Looking East to the Wainwright's 'Sallows' and 'Sour Howes' (Last Visited on Friday)

The Summit of 'Wansfell' on Baystones

Next is 'Wansfell Pike'


Looking South Down onto Nanny Lane and Lake Windermere

Looking North to the Kirkstone Pass

Looking Back to 'Wansfell' on Baystones

The Summit of the Wainwright 'Wansfell Pike' (Last Visited Feb 2016)

Troutbeck from the Bottom of Nanny Lane


Monday 26th February 2024


The Troutbeck Valley and 'Wansfell Pike' from Last Week

'Troutbeck Tongue' from Last Week and Today's Hill 'Yoke'

Getting Nearer

Looking Back Down the Troutbeck Valley with Windermere and the Coniston Hills

Me and my Shadow

Nearly There

The Summit of the Wainwright 'Yoke' (Last Visited June 2016)

Next up is 'Ill Bell'

The Kentmere Reservoir

Looking Back at 'Yoke'

The Summit of the Wainwright 'Ill Bell' (Last Visited June 2016)

Next up is 'Froswick'

Kentmere Reservoir

Looking back at 'Ill Bell'

The Kentmere Valley and the Wainwright 'Froswick' (Last Visited June 2016)

Heading Back

Looking Back at 'Froswick' 'Ill Bell' and 'Yoke'

Troutbeck Church


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