Tuesday 11th August 2009


Ben Wyvis Car Park Near Garve

Above The Garbat Forest Track on a Newly Constructed Footpath

First Sighting of Ben Wyvis

Allt a' Bhealaich Mhoir Flowing Down From Behind Ben Wyvis 

The New Path Continues Through The Heather

Making Good Time and Gaining Height Quickly

The Higher we go The Colder and Wetter it Gets

As The Path Climbs Higher Visibility Gets Less

The Wind is Starting to Pick up Now

I'm Off

Getting Worse

Getting Battered by Wind and Rain 

The Long Flat Exposed Top of Ben Wyvis

At Last Some Shelter The Summit of Ben Wyvis

The Weather Improves as we Head Back Down Off The Summit

Looking Back The Summit is Now Clear

Approaching An Cabar The S/W Top on Ben Wyvis

Dropping Steeply Back Down

Having A Break Out of The Wind and Rain

Off we go Again

The Fannichs, Loch Glascarnoch and The Ben Dearg Group of Hills

A Close up of Loch Glascarnoch Dam and The Aultguish Inn

Ben Wyvis  in Cloud Again

Not Far to The Car Park Now


Wednesday 12th August 2009

A Welcome Committee in Glen Affric Car Park

Looking Back up to Affric Lodge

Sgurr na Lapaich The Eastern Top of Mam Sodhail

The Path on The Northern Side of Loch Affric

Looking Back Down Loch Affric

Ling Heather

The Long and Winding Track With Mam Sodhail Ahead

Loch Affric Looking West

A Close up of Devilsbit Scabious

Mullach Fraoch-Choire on The Left and Ben Fhada in The Middle

Ben Fhada Above Alltbeithe Youth Hostel (One The Most Remote in Britain)

As I Start to Climb The Pointed Profile of Ciste Dhubh Comes Into View

Bealach Coire Ghaidheil Between An Socach and Mam Sodhail my Route Back Down

An Socach

Ciste Dhubh and Ben Fhada Above Alltbeithe Youth Hostel as a Storm Approaches

The N/E Top Looking Higher on The Very Wet and Windy Summit of An Socach

This is my Path Down After an Hour of Heavy Rain

Coire Ghaidheil and An Socach as The Rain Stops

Last Look at An Socach From Glen Affric

The Sun Comes Out Above Loch na Camaig

Mam Sodhail and The Sputan Ban Waterfall From The South Side of Loch Affric

An Tudair Beag The S/E Top of Mam Sodhail Above The Loch

Affric Lodge Marks The Last Mile to The Car Park

Thursday 13th August 2009

The Only Car to be Parked in Lay-by Just East of Cluanie Inn All Day

Looking Towards The South Cluanie Ridge From The Steep Grass Shoulder of A'Charlaig

The Cluanie Inn and my Route Back Now Comes Into View

Close up of The Cluanie Inn

At Long Last I Reach The Ridge

Ahead The Summit of  A'Charlaig

Ciste Dhubh Lies Across The Valley to The West Beyond A'Charlaig

Looking Down Glen Shiel

Just Ahead The Huge Summit Cairn

The South Cluanie Ridge and The Cluanie Inn From The Summit Cairn of A'Charlaig

From A'Charlaig Looking North Lies The Second Munro Mullach Fraoch-Choire

The Connecting Ridge Between The Two Munros and Another Big Summit Cairn

A Narrow Ridge of Rocky Towers Lie Between me and The Summit of Mullach Fraoch-Choire

A'Charlaig From The North

The Summit of Mullach Fraoch-Choire Looking Back at A'Charlaig

Looking East Down Towards Loch Affric

A Closer Look at The Path I Was on Yesterday

A Broken Boot Lace For The Second Time This Week

Ciste Dhubh on The Path Down to An Caorann Mor

Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan Above Gleann Gniomhaidh

Butterflies by The Dozen Down on The Valley Floor

A'Charlaig From The Main Road Near Near The Layby


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