Tuesday 15th March 2022


Aria Force Waterfall

Tree Blocking Bridge and Landslip from Storm Dudley

A Pose above Ullswater

Looking Towards Patterdale

Heading for 'Green Hill'

Steamer on Route to Glenridding

Admiring the View

The Summit of 'Green Hill'

The Trig Point of 'Gowbarrow Fell' with 'Little Mell Fell' Behind

The Summit of the Wainwright 'Gowbarrow Fell'

Just ahead Lies 'Great Meldrum'

Leaving 'Gowbarrow Fell' behind and Climbing 'Great Meldrum'

Looking back at 'Gowbarrow Fell'

'Great Mell Fell' (Bagged 2019) from the Summit of 'Great Meldrum' 

'Little Mell Fell' (also Bagged 2019) from the Summit of 'Great Meldrum' 

There is Always a Gate to Climb

Click Click from the Summit of 'Little Meldrum' 

Selfie on the Summit of 'Little Meldrum' 

Small Unnamed Tarn

Picking our way Through Old Tree Stumps

Climbing 'Watermillock Fell'

A Pose in the Wind on the Summit of 'Watermillock Fell' with our Last Hill 'Little Mell Fell' in the Background

Climbing 'Little Mell Fell'

The 'Blencathra' Range of Mountains (Bagged 2015)

The Summit of 'Little Mell Fell' Again

Leaving 'Little Mell Fell' and Heading back down to the Road

The Long Track back to the Car

Through Swinburn's Park Woods

Scone & Banana Time

Ullswater Comes into View Again

Come on Keep up

Ullswater from Yew Crag


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