Saturday 8th June 2013 (Tryfan & the Glyders)


Tryfan from the East on A5 Approaching Llyn Ogwen 

Llyn Ogwen and the Car Park from the Start of the Milestone Buttress on Tryfan

Better Late Then Never

Looking West from the Milestone Buttress

The Cars in the Car Park Getting Smaller

High Above Llyn Ogwen

At About Halfway The Cannon Rock Protrudes Over the Valley

Walking up the Cannon

Sitting on the Cannon

The Cannon Rock

This Way

Climbers High up The Milestone Buttress

Climbers In amongst the Jumble of Rocks Which The Buttress is Famous for

Pen yr Ole Wen to the North and Above Llyn Ogwen 

Looking West Along Llyn Ogwen

Climber High up on a Ledge Picking His Way Round

Are You Ticklish 

Say Cheese

Now You Take One of Me

Stepping Across The Adam and Eve Stones on the Summit of Tryfan

The Summit of Tryfan 

The Southern Ridge of Tryfan from the Start of the Ascent of The Glyders 

Climbing up the Northern Slopes of Glyder Fach Towards Bristly Ridge

Looking up at the First Climb on Bristly Ridge

After You

The First of Many Obstacles on This Route to the Summit

If She Can do it I Can

Looking Back at Tryfan From Near the top of Glyder Fach

Still Lots of People on The Summit of Tryfan

The Top of Glyder Fach

The Cantilever Stone

Steady not to Many

Striking a Pose on The Cantilever Stone

Leaving the the Chaotic Jumble of Glyder Fach Behind us

Looking North Down to Llyn Idwel, Nant Ffrancon and the Sea at Anglesey

Heading East From Glyder Fach Towards Glyder Fawr

The Splintered Crown of Glyder Fawr 

The Summit of Glyder Fawr 

Leaving Glyder Fawr and Heading Northwest to the Shadowed Peak of Y Garn 

High up Y Garn with Tryfan and Glyder Fach Behind us

The Summit of  Y Garn

We are in the Pub

Close up of Bristly Ridge on Glyder Fach

Tryfan Above Llyn Idwal

Tryfan From the West Alongside Llyn Ogwen

Close up of The Cannon as Seen From the Road

Saturday 9th June 2013 (Crib Goch & Snowden)

Looking North East Down to The Lianberis Pass


Looking Back Down Towards The Car Park and Youth Hostel

Above the Miners Track Next to Lyn Llydaw

On The Pyg Track, see you at the Summit

Now Starting to Climb up Towards Crib Goch

Below us the Miners Track

Zig Zaging our way up

Visions of Yesterday

Time for a Text

Looking Back Down Towards the Miners Track, Pyg Track and Lyn Llydaw

Still Higher we go

Looking Back to Pen-y-Pass Car Park

The Eastern Edge of the Ridge in View

Nearly There

The Start of The Crib Goch Ridge With Snowden Dead Ahead

First Tentative Steps


A Group Coming up Behind

Closing in on the Group In Front

The Second Half and Trickiest Part of the Ridge Lies Ahead

Up and Over

That's the Trickiest Part Done

With Crib Goch Done now on to Gernedd Ugain


This Last Little Lump to Get Round

Crib Goch Below and Behind us

The Last Push

The Summit of Gernedd Ugain

The Peaks of Y Lliwedd Above Llyn Llydaw

Paraglider Above the Summit of Snowden

As The Miners Track and Pyg Tracks Merge the Hordes of People Keep Coming up

The Mountain Railway Close to the Summit

Tourists and Charity Walkers on the Summit of Snowden

The Still Crowded Summit

The Summit of Snowden From the Miners Track

Rush Hour

With Rush Hour Gone we Head Down to the Quieter Blue Waters of Glaslyn

Llyn Llydaw with Y Lliwedd and Snowden


   Copyright 2013 [Antonio Siwiak]. All rights reserved.