Tuesday 11th October 2022


Leaving Wasdale Head with the Wainwright 'Kirk Fell' (Bagged 2019) Dead Ahead

Looking Back to Wasdale Head from the Track into Mosedale

The Pinnacles on Stirrup Crag on the Northern Cliffs of 'Yewbarrow' (Bagged Last Month)

Close up of the Pinnacles 

The Mosedale Horseshoe  

Heading up the Black Sail Path by Mosedale Beck

Stirrup Crag on 'Yewbarrow' and Dorehead Screes

Heading Higher up the Pass

Waterfalls at Gatherstone Head

Crossing the Waterfalls

Looking back down Mosedale from the Pass

Reaching the Top of the Black Sail Pass

The Eastern Crags of 'Pillar' and 'Looking Stead' from the Top of the Pass

Pillar from the Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Looking Stead'

A Selfie on the Summit of 'Looking Stead'

Wasdale Come into View

Climbing up the Eastern Crags of 'Pillar'

Looking East over 'Kirk Fell' to 'Great Gable'

Looking S/E to 'Scafell Pike' and 'Scafell'

The Mosedale Valley

Close up of the Car Park in Wasdale Head

Low Flying Military Turboprop Cargo Plane Flying Past 'Green Gable'

The Plane Flying Between 'Kirk Fell' & 'Great Gable'

Now Flying Past 'Lingmell' & 'Scafell Pike' and Heading Down Wasdale

Looking Down Ennerdale to the Black Sail Hut

'High Stile' & 'High Crag' (Both Bagged Last Year) Above the Ennerdale Valley from near the Top of 'Pillar'

A Couple on the Summit of 'Pillar'

The Summit of the Wainwright 'Pillar'

The Mosedale Valley from the Summit

A Pose on the Trig Pillar

Looking Down to Ennerdale Water

To the West is 'Steeple'

The Ennerdale Valley

Climbing Down 'Pillar'

Looking up to 'Black Crag' from Wind Gap 

Climbing 'Black Crag'

A Pose on the Summit of 'Black Crag'

Looking S/E to 'Red Pike' our Last Hill

'Steeple' Again

Climbing 'Scoat Fell'

This Pile of Stones on a Wall is the Highest Point on the Wainwright 'Scoat Fell'

A Pose next to Another Pile of Stones on 'Scoat Fell'

A Wave from 'Scoat Fell' 

The Summit of the Wainwright 'Steeple'

'Scoat Fell' from 'Steeple' 

Looking Back to 'Pillar' & 'Black Crag' from 'Steeple' 

A Wave from the Summit of 'Steeple'

The Wainwrights 'Seatallan' (Bagged Last Year) & 'Haycock' (Still to Climb)

Close up of Sellafield on the Coast

The Crags on 'Red Pike'

'Black Crag' & 'Pillar' from the Pile of Stones on the Wainwright 'Red Pike'

A Pose on the Summit

A Selfie on the Summit

Looking South to Wast Water

The Mosedale Valley and Wasdale from near the Summit

Dore Head and 'Yewbarrow' again

Climbing Down the Eastern Crags on 'Red Pike' 

Tea Time

The Pinnacles from Dore Head

The Wasdale Head Inn

Now Where's the Car


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