Wednesday 23rd August  2023


Boots on in Weasdale

Looking Back at the Car

Following the ATV Track up the Northern Ridge of 'Green Bell'

Keep Going

The Trig Point on the Summit of 'Green Bell'

A Pose with the Trig Point

Looking East to 'Harter Fell' (Bagged Last Month)

Leaving 'Green Bell' (That's a Lot Easier then Scotland)

Dead Ahead is 'Randygill Top'

The Sun Shines on 'Leathgill Bridge' the Col Between 'Randygill Top' and 'Hooksey'

Looking Back at a Group of Walkers on 'Green Bell'

Reflections in a Small Tarn

Click Click

Looking Down the Weasdale Valley

Nearly There

Re-visiting the Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Randygill Top'

Reaching 'Randygill Top' Summit

A pose on the Summit

Another Pose

Leaving 'Randygill Top'

Heading Down to 'Leathgill Bridge'

Leaving 'Leathgill Bridge' and Climbing 'Hooksey'

Looking Back at 'Randygill Top' from near the Top of 'Hooksey'

Not Far Now

The Small Pile of Stones on the Summit of 'Hooksey'

A Pose on the Summit

Another Pose on the Summit

'Green Bell' from 'Hooksey'

'Randygill Top' from 'Hooksey'

Heading Along the ATV Track on the Long Northern Ridge of 'Hooksey'

All Downhill Now

'Green Bell' and the Weasdale Valley

Passing Weasdale Farm and Heading Back to the Car


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