DALES WAY (Via HAWORTH, The Lancashire link ) May 2009

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Sun 10th May, Day 2 Harden to Ilkley 12 Miles


The Start of Day Two
Stepping Stones Over a Beck Climbing up Through Ruin Bank Wood
The Folly at The Top of The Woods Descending The Woods to Shipley Golf Course
The Footpath Leads Across Shipley Golf Course The Old Footbridge Over Harden Beck
The Bridge by The Ford at Beck Foot
Beck Foot Lane Hawthorn Blossom
The River Aire The A650 By-Pass Over The River Aire
Bluebell Wood A Walled Passage Way Between The Bridges
The Leeds and Liverpool Canal Going Over The River Aire Over The River and Over The Canal
A Nuthatch in The Woods Near The Canal Rowers on The River
Bluebells Picking Our Way up Shipley Glen
The Famous Dick Hudson and Dick Turpin Fan No 4 
Leaving The Pub For The Moor This Way
The Flagged Path on The Moor to Ilkley
Pendle Hill From The Ilkley Moor Holiday Makers Leaving Leeds/Bradford Airport
Striding Out Though The Heather
Not too Far From The Top Now Twelve Standing Stones and Two Leaning Ladies

"On Ilkley Moor Baht' At, On Ilkley Moor Baht' At"

We Can Hear You
At Last Ilkley and Wharfedale All Down Hill Now
The Old Bridge Near The Riverside Hotel by The Start of The Dalesway
The End of Day Two
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