DALES WAY (Via HAWORTH, The Lancashire link ) May 2009

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Tues 12th May, Day 4 Burnsall to Buckden 15 Miles


Start of The Day From The Red Lion Leaving Burnsall Behind
Overlooking Loup Scar It Wasn't Me
Crossing The Suspension Bridge Near Hebden The River Wharfe on the Way to Grassington
Family Outing They Should be so Lucky
Linton Falls The Weir at Grassington
Heading up to The National Trust Car Park Having a Break in Grassington
A Stile Outside Grassington Trees Clinging to Life Amongst The Limestone
Are We on The Right Path
Up and Over Must be Time For a Gossip
Limestone Escarpment and Limestone Wall 
Disused Limekilm Yet Another Stile
Passing Conistone Dib Walking Along Hill Castles Scar
Conistone Pie Sheltering From The Wind on Conistone Pie
Ahead and Below Lies Upper Wharfedale
Looking West Across Wharfedale to Kilnsey Crag
That Winds Cold Leaving Conistone Pie
Heading Towards Kettlewell Dropping Back Down to The Valley Floor
A Pheasant in One of The Fields in Kettlewell Leaving Kettlewell For Buckden
It's Gone Quiet  The Valley of Upper Wharfedale
Still on The Right Path The Footbridge Leading to Starbottom
Not Far Now Nearly There
Pirates of The Buck Inn Blackbird Singing in The Ivy
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