DALES WAY (Via HAWORTH, The Lancashire link ) May 2009

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Mon 11th May, Day 3 Ilkley to Burnsall 13 Miles


The Official Start of The Dales Way
This Way What a Lovely Day for a Walk
Ilkley Golf Course on the Opposite Bank
The Tranquil Wharfe The Weir South of Addingham
A Moorhen on the Move The Church of St Peter in Addingham
The Suspension Bridge North of Addingham Race You to The Other Bank
The Riverbank at Low Park Follow Him
Up and Over A Solitary Barn
Horses From The Nearby Stables Fisherman in The Wharfe The Near Bolton Bridge
First Sight of Bolton Priory From the South The Ruins Get Nearer
Still Time to Turn Back He's Leaving Me
Follow Me Careful This One is Wobbly
Stay Close and Don't Look at The Water Put Your Foot On That One
Can I Hold Your Hand Made it at Last
Bolton Priory From High up on The Opposite Bank
Come on This Way Bluebells
Banks of Bluebells in Strid Wood
Looking Down on The River Wharfe A Closer Look at a Bluebell
A Closer Look at a Wild Garlic Blossom Banks of Wild Garlic in Strid Wood
Looking North up River The Strid
Approaching The Old Aqueduct Footbridge Fisherman Near Barden Bridge
Barden Bridge
The View up River From Barden Bridge A Pair of Greylag Geese
Heading Further up River Towards Howgill
Come on Let's Have a Break That's ok I'll Sit Here by Myself
Young Rabbit Peeping Outside It's Hole Some Fungus Hidden in The Undergrowth
Now Where Did That Stile Go
A Quick Gossip Over a Gate Simon Seat on Barden Fell
The Craven Arms in Appletreewick Not Far Now
A Well Earned Beer Outside The Red Lion in Burnsall
Burnsell Bridge
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