DALES WAY (Via HAWORTH, The Lancashire link ) May 2009

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Wed 13th May, Day 5 Buckden to Ribblehead  13 Miles 


The Bridge at Hubberholme The Church of St Michael Hubberholme
Twins Footbridge Over Strains Gill
Heading Towards Yockenthwaite Bridge (The Wrong Way) Yockenthwaite Stone Circle
The Limestone Wharfe in Deepdale
The Map Says There is a River Around Here Somewhere I First Sat Here Fifteen Years Ago
River Erosion of The Limestone Bedrock Try to Look Like Your Enjoying Yourself
A Short Bit of Road Walking Out of Langstrothdale The Grand Entrance to The Church Hall in Oughtershaw
Having a Break Mayflowers
I Think He's Checking His Compass Bearings He's Going to Start Singing Next
Nearing the end of the Track to Swarthgill Bunkhouse Barn Then Onto the Distant Cam Wood on the Far Left
Another Break Still Going The Right Way
Ingleborough Appears Above Cam Woods as the Track Ends
Leaving Cam Houses and Oughtershaw Behind
I'm Over Here (Cam Wood) Footpath at The End of Cam Wood
Come on Up and Over Dales Way Meets Pennine Way on a Windy Cam End
Looking South Towards Penyghent
Ingleborough Dead Ahead
The Long Descent to Ribblehead     Footbridge Over Gayle Beck
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