DALES WAY (Via HAWORTH, The Lancashire link ) May 2009

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Fri 15th May, Day 7 Dent to Sedbergh 6 Miles


Leaving Dent by The Adam Sedgwick Memorial Fountain Lets Stick Together
Barth Bridge
Ouch! What a Place to Put Raspberry Canes A Bit of Drizzle Near Gate Manor
Phew! Time For a View Break A Thank you Would Have Been Nice
Walking Towards Some Lambs Near Bluebell Wood
Someone's Looking Pleased With Himself Maybe It's The Last View of Dentdale
First View of Sedbergh and The Howgills
Millthrop Bridge Over The River Rawthey Bluebells With Raindrops on Them
The Distinctive Hummocky Hills of The Howgills
The Church of St Andrew's Sedbergh Cricket Practice at The Local School
The Flags are out Marking our Arrival into Sedbergh High Street A Swift Drink in The Red Lion
Lets Have Another Drink in The Dalesman Yeah! Now Why Didn't I Think of That
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